P.F. Candle Co.

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PF Candle Co sells a range of home fragrance products such as candles, diffusers, and room sprays.

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P.F. Candle Co. Reviews

P.F. Candle Co. reviews

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6 months ago

Smell very lovely. I appreciate that they have a good range to their scents & so many scents that are more unique. I like the packaging. They are good quality. Luxury candles that project pretty well. Really good quality air fresheners.

4 months ago

The scents are SO GOOD but the throw is nonexistent. I ordered one of the candles after smelling an unlit one in store and falling in love with it but I can barely smell it at all, even up close. The candle I purchased also came with multiple holes in the top - seemed like a botched pour.

3 months ago

favorite candle company! as basic as it might be…. their pumpkin spice candle is my favorite scent of all time.

3 months ago

Their rose and sandalwood candle does not smell strong at all-in fact it has no scent when burning

3 months ago

P.F. is one of my go-to candle shops for myself and gifts for others. High quality candles for very reasonable prices. I like more woody, herbaceous scents and Teakwood & Tobacco, Golden Coast, and Amber & Moss are some of my favorites. I love their incense and their hand soap has such a luxurious feel to it.

candleincensehand soap

2 months ago

My favorite, and most repurchased, candle brand!! The amber & moss scent is soooo good and it never gets old. The candles burn well and don't tunnel nearly as much as competing brands, in my opinion.


4 months ago

The reed diffusers are great, fragrant but not overwhelming. I use the Amber & Moss scent because it makes every room smell so fresh! I wish they had just a few other vessel styles to choose from though, because it's a specific style.

3 months ago

I Love their candles, they smell amazing, burn evenly, and last so long. I am admittedly not a huge candle burner, but I bought three candles two years about and I have 1/3 left now. The Incense and reed defuses are more my speed and also amazing. I prefer the smoky aroma of incense to the fragrance of candles I will definitely buy this again.