Home Decor


Fun colorful candles designed to live with you!

Phena London

Circular aromatherapy candles? Phena London turns waste cooking oil into beautiful and sustainable candles.


Luxury Italian linens, honestly priced, sustainably made on-demand in the USA.


The dreamiest air conditioner you've ever seen. July is beautiful, better for the environment, and ridiculously easy to install.


Vestaboard is a beautiful smart messaging display you control with your phone.

Folden Lane

Folden Lane is on a mission to create the worlds most beautiful, sustainable home storage and organizational solutions.


Classic pastime meets modern art curation. Premium adult puzzles that reflect the culture we live in. We give back 10% of every purchase.


Pour yourself a premium candle? Siblings makes DIY candle kits so you can microwave and pour-your-own candles at home.


Craighill harnesses the power of machines to create enduring objects and bring a sense of wonder into people’s lives.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces is on a mission to help our generation create space to enjoy through a considered line of organization essentials.


Homesick is a home fragrance and lifestyle brand with one goal: to help you feel closer to the people, places, and moments that matter most.


Paint that purifies the air? Gush wants to create healthier living environments, using sustainable paints that not only have no toxic emissions but also eliminate airborne pollutants indoors.


Timeless, modular electronics. Beautifully crafted transparent speakers, constructed with aluminium and tempered glass.

DADA Daily

An entertaining brand offering guilt-free indulgences, mindfully-crafted snacks & experiential tableware.


Functional, beautiful & adaptable kitchenware for everyday life.


We reimagine home essentials with bold colors, unique materials, and characters that are eager to help.


Whiled is a leisure brand creating goods designed for downtime, starting with a collection of artful jigsaw puzzles.


The first-ever lockable storage box that is food-safe, multipurpose, and super stylish.


Feather is furniture rental for a new generation. Create a home you love without the upfront cost or commitment of traditional retail.


Fable makes it effortless to set a beautiful table. Artisan crafted dinnerware designed for everyday use.

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