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(MALIN+GOETZ) makes a range of simple skincare products, fragrances, and candles.


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22 days ago


I have the Cannabis candle from this brand I really love the scent! The moody colour and translucent jar make it super cute to style in any room of my home <3 A little pricey - but one of my favourite candles!

7 days ago

I really enjoy their scents as someone scent-sensitive. My gym stocks their shampoo & conditioner and I didn't love them but it could just be because my hair is dyed. The body wash and candles are great though!! Mainly because how they balance how much scent and how they don't seem artificial at all.

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23 days ago

Love this brand. Best facial sunscreen, amazing deodorant, never had a bad product from this brand. The moisturiser and deodorant and part of my daily routine and I love their travel sets (bonus points for being recyclable metal).

8 days ago

can't really smell fresh strawberries from their strawberry perfume, but maybe I'm just used to overstated strawberries. it's still fresh and clean as expected. subtle enough that people near you can smell it but can't tell that it's perfume. my mom has a very picky nose but thought this smelled nice when I wore it around the house!

6 months ago

I just received their Dark Rum hand soap/body wash and it smells lovely and left my hands very soft. I'm looking forward to trying more of their products.

3 months ago

Every product I have tried from M+G I like. Luxurious products and typically worth every penny. Candles are always a hit and make for a great gift.