Magic Spoon

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Magic Spoon makes low-carb, high-protein breakfast cereal in nostalgic packaging.

Magic Spoon Reviews

Magic Spoon reviews


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Reviews mention

  • High-protein nutritious content
  • Low-carb healthy alternative
  • Innovative variety of flavors
  • Creative and appealing branding
  • High price point concern
  • Dissatisfying taste for some
  • Texture not as enjoyable
  • Quantity provided seen as low

Magic Spoon, a popular brand, offers high-protein, low-carb cereals in various flavors. Despite the appreciation for its healthier profile and creative branding, taste, texture, and price are areas for improvement.

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6 days ago

I recently tried the sample pack of Magic Spoon Cereal and, unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet my expectations. While the concept and nutritional profile are impressive, I just couldn’t get past the aftertaste. Each flavor had a noticeable lingering taste that I found off-putting. Despite the initial appeal, I struggled to finish the servings. It might work for others, but for me, the aftertaste was a deal-breaker.

24 days ago

Influencer for Magic Spoon

It’s okay, you can definitely taste that it’s a low sugar cereal but it serves it’s purpose

21 hours ago

Bought the variety pack, not my thing. Had a strange aftertaste. Didn’t even finish a box

7 days ago

I was SO excited to try this after a friend told me about these cereals, but they ALL contain milk protein. No-can-do. I was really disappointed to read that the company has no plans to make a vegan product. I know someone with a terrible allergy to dairy. She isn't vegan, but people like her can't eat this either.

10 days ago

I love sugary cereal and for that reason I do NOT buy it BUT I have discovered Magic Spoon and it satisfies my want without having to give into the evils. I really enjoy the Fruity flavor and treat myself to a box when I can find a good deal.

16 days ago

Bargain market

Yummy mm mm good cereal! I have 20 boxes at home! It is my favorite cereal, especially the cocoa!

16 days ago

I don't think there is abetter low carb cereal on the market. Great flavors and they are constantly releasing new ones.

17 days ago

Magic Spoon has a very creative idea but the cereal tastes like cardboard to me. I tried to several times. I wanted to love it and have a healthy alternative to sugary cereals. I also think it’s over-priced. Not for me but others may love it.

20 days ago

I don't eat cold cereal often anymore, but there are just times that you crave a late night bowl of cereal. This completely scratches the itch and I don't feel like I am getting a carb overloaded sugary snack. It is a little overpriced, but you do pay for better ingredients and that is the point.

a month ago

Magic Spoon cold cereal was a lovely surprise to find on the shelves of our local stores. We try to eat low-carb food in general and this cereal fits right in with that diet. It allows us to splurge on something that we would typically not be able to eat. because of the high carb content. I've tried most of the flavors and find most of them to be delicious and mildly sweet tasting. I have several boxes on my pantry shelf as I write this.

6 months ago

I think the brand has a good purpose, but the taste just isn't there for me. The Cookies N Cream flavor from them was my favorite, but I'm not sure if it's still made. I do like that these are high-protein.

5 months ago

I finally tried Magic Spoon. Their pitch is that it is a substitute for the sugary cereal of our youth. To an extent, that is accurate. Let’s kid no one: it does not taste exactly like kid’s cereal. It is close enough to be good. The texture isn't as crunchy and the price point is kind of outrageous (ten dollars for one box). I would proceed with caution, because the potential for disappointment.

3 months ago

I love this cereal! The fact that it tastes like my childhood favorites without the added sugars and processed crud! And there’s PROTEIN! This is the adult late night snack of dreams

4 months ago

I tried this once a long time ago (thanks to a Pod Save ad). Wasn't a huge fan, and I've since tried to cut out dairy, which is in all of the flavors so I don't think I'll be trying it again.

4 months ago

The kids tried the colorful version, and enjoyed it. We will try more flavors

5 months ago

I tried the cereal bars which are essentially healthy rice krispy treats with protein and they are delicious! Such a good healthy snack. Minus 1 point for me due to the high price point, wish they were more affordable.

5 months ago

not sure I will buy again. Tho I gave it a go few months ago after reading thingtesting review.