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Magic Mind makes productivity drinks that decrease stress and inflammation in the body.

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5 months ago

this was super cool to try out. I got to try this brand out through an Instagram ad. The packaging is unique but the flavor is earthy, almost like matcha. I recommend to give it a try!

2 months ago

I like the taste but it has been very hard on my stomach. I am going to keep trying to see if I get use to it. Other than that it tastes good.

2 years ago

To preface this, I was having on and off stomach problems when I tried these, but I found this super hard on my stomach. I have heard good things from a couple of friends on this so am open to retrying it but personally had a not-so-great experience with magic mind the first time around.

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2 years ago

I had a great experience with Magic Mind. First off, I think the branding is spectacular. I love the handwritten, tech-y feel to the product and website. The product is equally good. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into crafting the product (it's clear that the team put a significant amount of time into developing the exact formula). The taste is fantastic - I was actually excited to wake up and sip on these guys in the morning. It's a no-BS brand that I think people, especially people trying to get away from traditional caffeine, should try to incorporate into their routine and see if it's for them!

2 years ago

I really wanted to like Magic Mind, but it gave me terrible headaches and made me incredibly nauseous. I thought it was just a coincidence, but it happened repetitively.

6 months ago

I tried Magic Mind through their trial pack advertised in Instagram. I was very excited about the product and really wanted it to work for me, but sadly it did not. At first I did get a bit of a boost, but I think that was more due to the cup of coffee I took it with (they advice you take it with a cup of coffee). I did have a crash 3-4 hours later. I was not able to finish my work day calmly. I also did not love the taste, I could give it another try some months down the road, but the price is also very high...

2 years ago

I've had wellness shots before but sadly, Magic Mind didn't taste great. I love the idea and packaging though.


The taste could use improvement.

2 years ago

The taste is quite earthy, but it’s what you expect for a shot that should be good for you. Day 1 I felt more energy, but it was really day 5 that I noticed a deep sense of flow. They say on the website the nootropics can take a few days to build, and I found the more I use it the better it gets


Matcha can be tough to work with so I understand the challenge on flavor. I think maybe making a version that’s a latte (like in a can with oat milk) would be cool

2 years ago

Magic Mind is a part of my everyday routine. It gets me focused on what I need to accomplish and helps keep me productive throughout the day. I've shared a bottle with so many friends, I can't say enough about it!


Love it. Wouldn't really change a thing, except maybe make a powder pack so I could pour it in any drink I have on the go.