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Lokai makes motivational and inspirational bracelets and jewelry.


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2 months ago

Bought a Lokai bracelet when it first came out. Loved their mission and the storytelling around it, but found myself not enjoying wearing the bracelet, and also it felt very big and clunky.

2 months ago

I had one that I wore for at least a year before it ultimately broke. It's cool to see that they have come up with new designs different from their original. They are pretty pricy for a plastic bracelet though. I do love to see that they are doing one to raise money for the people of Maui.

2 months ago

Purchased for myself and a friend to have some connected motivation and inspiration. The bracelet is comfortable and easily slips on and off. The white version does get dirty after a bit. Our curiosity got the best of us and I ended up cutting open the black and white balls to see what was inside and there was actually leftover brown smudge mud in the black and remnants of liquid in the white.

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2 months ago

i loved these in middle school (10 years ago)... they do actually have mud in the black circle but no water in the white. I think the message behind the brand is great and the look is pretty simple but I just think I grew out of the trend / hype around the bracelet...

2 months ago

This is literally just a rubber bracelet that resembles a teething toy. For $20. Please spend your money elsewhere.

2 months ago

I love Lokai bracelets, very comfortable on your wrist and then come in so many fun colors! So perfect for any occasion and a great gift your your younger loved ones!