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JBL makes a variety of audio equipment for home and personal use.


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a month ago

I really like this speaker. As a musician I use it all the time to practice, and it's great for listening to music around the house, too. I have family and friends that use the speakers as well, and they love them. My only issue is the price. I really wish these were more affordable.

6 days ago

This is a super brand for speakers they’re cheaper than the Bose ones and are also super… It may not last as long as the Bose one….


20 days ago

Love love love JBL! Have never been disappointed in all my time owning their speakers

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a month ago

If they weren't so expensive, this would be my go-to brand for portable speakers, over-the-ear headphones/noise-cancelling headphones, and sound systems. Excellent Quality. Never had a product that let me down, other than financially!

Charge 5JBL GO Essential

5 days ago

JBL is a well-known brand for its high-quality audio products, and its speakers are no exception. JBL speakers are known for their powerful sound, portability, and durability. They are also relatively affordable. Overall, JBL speakers are a great option for those looking for a high-quality, portable, and durable speaker. They offer a wide range of features and price points to choose from, so you can find the perfect speaker for your needs.

3 months ago

Good entry level speaker, good quality for the price. There are better speakers out there, but reliable and does the job for price.

2 months ago

I love my JBL charge 5 speaker. it is a college staple. all of my roommates have JBLs including the massive 2 foot boom box lookin speaker ... volume is never a problem with these speakers -- and you can connect them :)

3 months ago

These speakers are awesome, great quality of sound and length of battery. Kinda expensive, but worth the investment. They also come in fun colors which I love and there are size and style options for everyone!

3 months ago

These are Perfect gifts for everyone. they are small but loud. long battery life, easy to use

2 months ago

I love my JBL speakers! I have the charge 4, the boombox, and the mini clip! I love that I can use then all together when having a party. The range of sizes is also very helpful so that I can use them for an occasion! Definitely worth the price tag!