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Fly by Jing creates flavorful Sichuan spices and sauces to pair with frozen dumplings made from natural and fresh ingredients.


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6 days ago

The chili crisp is amazing and well worth it. The 3 pack that comes with the other 2 sauces/spices isn't worth it in my opinion, but a fun set for a gift if you have a foodie in your life

Sichuan Chili CrispZhong Sauce

a month ago

I love Fly by Jing’s marketing and entire brand, but I just don’t love the flavors. I got the pack of different spices for my birthday and unfortunately I haven’t been using them all that often because they have a flavor profile that I don’t really enjoy on most things. I hope they make more things so I can purchase options that I love! For reference I don’t love Allspice or things with that sort of profile.

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a month ago

I absolutely love the chili crisp and zhong sauce. I used them both in everything. I’ve also tried the mala spice mix. It’s a little harder to use but adds umami to dishes

a month ago

High quality chili sauce. The flavor profile is complex, rich and earthy. I use this often. Lasts a long time.

a month ago

Great selection of sauces and especially love their newer extra spicy chili crisp and tingly oil. Have been recommending their chili crisp to anyone and everyone.

3 months ago

I got a trio sample from an event! The zhong sauce on dumplings with a little bit of soy sauce… omg. Cant go back to eating dumplings another way again. As for the chili crisp, it’s sooo good. Compared to the original Lao Gan Ma chili crisp, it’s a bit darker, and a touch spicier. Buuuuut… idk if it will replace the original Lao Gan Ma for me. Maybe it’s childhood nostalgia clouding my vision? Lastly I just have to say I think Jing is an inspirational founder. From product to marketing I think what she’s built is incredible, and Im rooting for this brand!

6 months ago

The It Girl of chili crisp. Spicy, flavorful, and SO versatile! I use it on rice, in stir fries, eggs, mix it with yogurt for a cooling and spicy condiment.


More flavors pls!

3 months ago

I have tried their chili crisp oil, and it was delicious. I've used it as a sauce for dumplings and as another thing to add to my own cooking. I love the crunch and it's the perfect amount of spice.