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Ember sells a range of drink products featuring temperature-control technology.

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Ember Reviews

3 months ago

Overall I love my Ember mug. I'm the type of person who will get busy with something/distracted and remember that I made covfefe like 20 mins ago but now it's a cold nightmare of a drink. Every time I've used my Ember, my coffee is always the right temp that I like! The design is nice and it feels good in your hand, if maybe a bit heavy. It's pleasant to drink out of, and it fits nicely in the charging base. I also don't really notice my coffee having any bad taste when it stays in the mug for a while. What I don't like is the battery life of the mug itself. One, I always worry that even with a full charge, the mug will die before I'm finished with me coffee (though that hasn't happened yet), and two, you're pretty much required to make sure to charge it daily otherwise you likely will have a dead mug on your hands either before using it or while using it. Also the app is.. not great. It has a slow start-up time, and it seems like anytime I switch apps, the Ember app has to reconnect to my mug to see any updates or make changes. And one last thing, when you're down to your last sip, the coffee tends to get hotter if you don't turn the warmer off which makes for an unpleasant finish to the cup. Overall, I think the Ember mug is useful and can find its place in a daily routine. I think with a better battery life and better software, the mug will be a must-have for coffee lovers.


The app is clunky and slow - needs a faster bootup and to connect to the mug more effectively. The last sips of coffee are not pleasant, I feel like the heater still being on makes the coffee too hot if there's not that much left in the mug.

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productCool look & feel
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4 months ago

Amazing mug - so tecchy and never burns my coffee or impacts taste. Bought them for my whole family. A godsend in the winter!


Magically make them machine washable? 🙃🙏

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Works really well
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