Dollar Shave Club

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Dollar Shave Club offers a subscription service that delivers shaving, shower, skincare, and other grooming products.

Dollar Shave Club Reviews

Dollar Shave Club reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Innovative subscription model
  • Masculine, appealing branding
  • Cost-effective product line
  • Some quality fragrances
  • Poor customer service
  • Substandard quality of blades
  • Difficulty fitting blades
  • Frustrating price hikes

Dollar Shave Club, once known for its innovative subscription model and quality razors, has unfortunately deteriorated over time. While the brand still has some loyal customers who appreciate aspects like its masculine branding and the cost-effectiveness of its subscription model, it now faces significant criticism. Customers have highlighted issues such as poor customer service, substandard quality of new razor blades, and difficulty in fitting blades onto the handle. Furthermore, recent price hikes and changes in product availability have left many members frustrated and seeking alternatives.

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122 reviews

6 days ago

Was a member for years and was very pleased with all of their products but needed a change and left a couple years ago. Decided to give them another try since they changed their blades and I am amazed at the shave I get now. I've tried both the 4 and 6 blade options and for my face the 4 blades gives me the best shave. The men's fragrances are really nice also.

11 days ago

I have a razor from dollar shave club that allows me to switch out the blades whenever needed. I feel that I save money doing so because I'm not throwing away an entire razor once the blade goes dull. I wish the quality of the razors were better and stayed sharp longer.

5 months ago

Pros: The razor sub idea was innovative when they started like a decade(?) ago. Pretty cheap compared to store brands. Cons: They (used to, if not still) just white label different razors that if you do some googling, you could find online and cut out the middleman. This is why all their blades aren't compatible with all their razors. Shave Butter was nothing special either. Neutral, I guess: Branding is very masculine. "Originally made for men" but work for women, too. They sell "ball spray." Bottom line: Meh. I switched to Billie years ago because of the much better shave and never looked back.

5 months ago

I've been using DSC for years and don't plan to switch anytime soon. Although the branding is very masculine-based, it's always worked well for me (a woman). For someone with smaller hands, the rubber grip on the handle is a top factor for DSC, along with their amazing shaving butter, which always leaves me with a clean shave.

2 months ago

I have used DSC blades for years. Their heritage blades were the absolute BEST blades around and as soon as they switched to their new Club Series blades they went to shit. I have cancelled my subscription after years of subscribing. Will seek out other alternatives now.

2 months ago

I am leaving my subscription of three years because the new blades are terrible. In all 4 blades I have used the lubricant strip came out on first shave. The blades do not seem to cut as well either. Honestly, a big mistake switching the way your blades are made.

3 months ago

Went to the store and they were out of blades for my Gillette Fusion razor so I purchased a Dollar Shave Club razor, which came with two blades, and a 4-pack of extra Dollar Shave Club blades. I have a light beard, literally almost square inches of my face with no hair growing. And, I generally shave every other day because it takes about that long for me to grow a coarse stubble (which almost looks like random dirt on my face because my beard is sparse). Really disappointed in the Dollar Shave Club rig. Blades much less sharp and lasted for many fewer shaves than my Gillette Fusion. I'd estimate that the Fusion blades last me 40-50 shaves whereas the Dollar Shave blades last about ten shaves. I've only used four of the six Dollar Shave razors which I purchased. One blade became unusable after a handful of uses because the plastic on the blade warped and would no longer fit the razor. Another razor did that on the second time that I used it. Given the poor performance of the Dollar Shave rig, I immediately went out and bought more Gillette Fusion blades-enough of this Dollar Shave business. I'll keep the Dollar Shave blade and two razors in case of an emergency but otherwise never use them again. I'm surprised that Dollar Shave doesn't realize these problems and fix their product.

3 months ago

The blades don't stay on very well .. other than that they are just ok,no better or worse than anything else on the market..

4 months ago

I was a member of DSC for over 5 years. In 2023 they replaced their razors with a new “upgraded” model. Put simply, the quality is awful. I had a few of the “old” blades left and used them last week, realizing that it takes 3x longer to shave with the “new” ones. I gave them a chance but ultimately canceled today. It’s a shame that this great idea was sold to a mega corporation and they chose to run it into the ground.

4 months ago

I was a DSC member for over 8 years, but have cancelled my membership. Why? The new razor and razor blades SUCK! The new razor if full-on wimpy light and the blades just do not work as well as the old design. They don’t move across my skin as well and require more passes for the same shave. DO NOT JOIN DSC! You WILL be disappointed!

5 months ago

2023 was the beginning of the end for this company. DSC replaced very solid, affordable razors with the 'Club' series in early 2023. These new razors are worse than a bag of generic razors that you can buy at any drugstore- the ones that they don't even bother to lock up. I have been shaving my head for 25 years and this may be the worst razor I have ever used- it pulls hairs and takes 3 times shaving the same spot to get it shaven. I wouldn't use this razor if they gave me a free lifetime subscription. Unsurprisingly, a few months after the new model came out DSC announced a sale to a private equity firm. Quality down, prices up, and now the new owner will squeeze every penny out of this formerly good brand name until it crashes and burns. Sad.

5 months ago

These are the worst razors I have ever used, and that includes disposable razors. When I use a dollar shave club razor blade, I have to plan extra time in my day. It takes at least 3 shaves in order to get an acceptable feel. I am not a heavy thick aired person. I barely have any facial hair at all. I absolutely hate using these blades. I still force myself to use them from time to time since I have so many of these useless things. Everytime I use it I am just reminded of how useless they are and how pissed off they make me. That reminds me... one more thing, when ever I use Dollar Shave Club Razor Blades they make me feel sad, mad, frustrated, angry and completely take advantage of.

6 months ago

I'm not sure what's changed, I've been a subscriber for over 5 yrs now. But recently my daughter and I have noticed our armpits feel raw and hurt after every shave. Will be canceling unfortunately

8 months ago

I tried a LOT of DSC’s ancillary products. The soap, moisturizers. Body washes, Shampoos, lip balms, colognes, night cream, and eye cream. I checked their site the other day and none of these products are available now. I must have been the only person who bought them.

2 years ago

I've been using DSC's razors for close to ten years now and I love them! They're super convenient and the customer support is great - I've had a few handles bust over the years and they're always so quick to replace them. I can't speak to any of their products as I've never tried them but if they're anything like the razor, they're amazing.

3 years ago

I've tried DSC's razors and basics back in the day and always just found them okay. DSC's real play in the early days was just convenience and upselling Dorco razors on a subscription but they have truly grown into a whole suite of products since that I know some people have one or two items in the lineup that they love. For me though there are just products I prefer way more over DSC.

3 years ago

Love my Dollar Shave Club subscription. The razors are top of the line and I love the body washes (I recommend the amber and lavender). I've started using other products as well including the hair pomade and deodorant.