Date Better

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Date Better sells a variety of dark chocolate-covered medjool date snack packs, offering a delicious and healthy snack alternative.

Date Better Reviews

Date Better reviews


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16 reviews

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17 days ago

Taste wise, these are fantastic. Crunchy, nutty, and chocolatey is a hard combo to beat. The only draw back is the price point! $7 for two dates is a hard pill to swallow.

Peanut Butter CrispHazelnut Praline

12 days ago

Finally tried the variety pack and am so happy I did! These are crazy good and filling. I couldn’t eat more that one in a sitting. I thought the price was high until I saw the serving size. I feel like it’s actually a really good deal for what you get. It costs less than my usual healthy treats and tastes better.

Peanut Butter CrispHazelnut Praline

3 months ago

received as a gift, which was fun. the dates themselves were good, but nothing particularly special. might not by for myself in the future, but enjoyed having them.

Peanut Butter Crisp

2 years ago

I give Date Better major points for such beautiful packaging. But from there I was a bit disappointed! There are only two dates in the box which was $7.50 at the store I bought it. I definitely didn't think there would only be two. They are covered in chocolate and filled with the flavoring. The flavor I had was nice but kind of got lost in the flavor of the date. I would be open to trying another flavor but don't really see myself buying them again given the quantity and price point.


Add at least one more date and add more filling maybe or punch up the flavor of the filling.

a year ago

WOW. I tried their Hazelnut Praline flavor and was blown away by how much it tasted like a Ferrero Rocher, sans the crispy bits. It's a healthy dessert to have around as well, as it has less than a gram of added sugar.


I'd probably have it again, but the box of two dates was $7. It's definitely a treat and not an everyday buy.

2 years ago

$7 for two chocolate-covered dates is outrageous. But they are also very very tasty, and the packaging is gorgeous.

7 months ago

Like other reviews, I agree these are expensive and I regular make these sweet treats at home. I would purchase again as a gift.

a year ago

Date Better's dates are delicious and feel like a fancy treat. But you only get two per package and it feels very expensive for the money.


Would prefer to buy in a larger quantity for a bit less per date.

a year ago

I was surprised by just how much of the peanut butter filling was in the dates! Honestly, it overwhelmed the actual date flavor a little bit, but I suppose if I wanted straight-up dates, I'd just eat a plain date. Expensive? Yes. There are only two dates per package. I wish there was one or two more, but I understand that every step in the production process has people behind it, and everyone deserves to be paid a living wage.


Not sure if this is how the packaging normally is but the dates inside my box were in a compostable plastic-y sleeve, but the sleeve wasn't sealed? I'm not even sure if I should have eaten them given that they're just in a paper box with an open plastic sleeve, but... they were $7 so I ate them. Definitely a luxury snack, would be a great gift for a date lover! Would I buy them again? Maybe, but only for a "special occasion" (not totally sure what special occasion calls for $3.50/date dates) or as a gift.