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Courant creates wireless charging devices for your home.

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All33Mag 3 Essential charging tray2Courant linen charging tray2

3 months ago

love their magsafe accessories and the quality is amazing! i never thought a charger could look so good.

4 months ago

I have one of the two-station charging pads and it works well. Very elegant look and feel, and the pad hasn't stained or discolored despite being a light colored material. I have the iPhone and am able to charge with my case on, though I imagine this would probably vary between different cases. I've had mine for a while and it is still working without issue. You're definitely paying a premium for design and looks, but IMO it's worth it for a well-built product that can be displayed anywhere in the home.

5 months ago

I love this brand aesthetic and the elegance of their products. I thought the wireless charger would not only look nice, but also be a game changer for me because I hate plugging in my phone at night. Unfortunately, it only sometimes works, and when it does work, it doesn't charge my phone all night. I tried contacting customer service and didn't get a response.

3 months ago

Courant makes beautiful products but the magsafe feature seems to work about 70% of the time and if you have a non-magsafe cover, you have to remove the cover every time you charge. Additionally, there's a blinking light when you are charging, which if you are light sensitive, this may not be the right choice for you.

Mag 3 Essential charging trayCourant linen charging tray

3 months ago

Really wanted to love these! I think they look so nice and minimal. Since they are fabric, they are tricky to clean and my partner doesn't always clean his phone so it was a recipe for disaster. (Could be a me problem) Finicky with positioning to pick up a charge, my new phone case doesn't allow a charge from these either so I have to remove it to charge.

3 months ago

I ordered a Personalized MAG:3 Essentials charging tray for a gift. I had it monogrammed. *Do not do this! They offer this service for an extra $15. It is shown in gold on the website. What I received was a tray that looked like it had been opened already. The tray face has three large snags in it and the monogram is black on a black fabric. Waste of time and money. When contacted I was told to cut off the snags and that the monogram is different if it’s put on fabric. That it was returnable due it being monogrammed. Bad quality, customer service. Save your Money and buy something better!

Mag 3 Essential charging trayCourant linen charging tray

a year ago

Love this charging station and I use it to charge my phone and hold my keys along with watches

7 months ago

Yes, in theory these look nice and all.. Form and design over function. Its fine. It could be much better for the price. Couldnt manage watch. Is bigger than Id like but sure, yeah it looks nice. How about some other ports? Am i asking for it to do more than be a charging tray? I guess i am and if thats all it is.. Then thats why i am giving 3 stars..

9 months ago

I ordered a leather charging mat for my husband as a gift and we ended up returning. He loved the look of it, but for the price, the quality was severely lacking. The seams were loose and you could move the whole top portion with a light press. The wireless charging tech wasn't up to date either, faster options are available now. A watch charging option would also be a nice upgrade, you would still need a separate charge for that. Overall just pricey and plenty of small ways to improve. Also, was cheaper sold by the company on amazon than their own website.

a year ago

Received this as a gift for Christmas and pretty surprised at the high quality of the product. You do get what you pay for, since this is pretty pricey compared to other wireless charging stations. It's definitely a game changer to be able to throw my AirPods on something instead of messing with wires.


I got the smallest available charger, which is already pricey as it is. It only fits 1 thing at a time. Paying $120+ for a more convenient, larger charging station seems a little excessive to me personally, but the quality is definitely there. No denying that!