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Casper sells luxury mattresses, pillows, bedding, bed frames, other sleep products directly to consumers.


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6 months ago

This is my first mattress-in-a-box experience and honestly, it was more comfortable than my last clunky Serta mattress. I've really enjoyed the feel of this mattress so far and its packaging made for an easy setup. If you're on the fence about this because you've only ever gone the "traditional" mattress route, I'd say this is totally comparable, if not better, than your average mattress.

a month ago

Currently use a pillow and previously had a dog bed for my boxer dog. The pillow is comfortable and my dog loved his bed.

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3 months ago

Big fan of Casper beds! Although online mattress companies can seem sketchy after all of the strange advertising and too-good-to-be-true marketing, Casper really stands out and provides high quality mattresses shipped right to your door at a reasonable price!

2 months ago

I cannot speak to the mattresses but we absolutely love our Casper sheets and pillows. Our pillows have stayed fluffy and nice (we do launder them on occasion) and the sheets have held up very well for our guest bedroom. They are light, cool, and have stayed very white with washing.

2 months ago

Bought the Casper dog bed for our rescue pup and she seems to like it when she's tired of sleeping on the rug. The bed itself is great, foam pieces are dense enough to support our human bums and the cover is good quality. Taking the cover off and putting it back on is easy as well - no need to fuss over it like some other bolstered beds. We've only had ours for almost three months but the bed has not shown any signs of flattening or wear. Here's to hoping it will last us years!

a month ago

We love our Casper mattress. Purchased it at target for our very first apartment together and still holding strong three years later. Does get a little hot but nothing a cooler comforter can’t handle!

a month ago

Love my Casper and so does anyone else who sleeps on it! It was so easy to order and unpack and after a few years I still have no complaints! I think the price point is great and I will definitely be purchasing again next time I have to replace a mattress.

3 months ago

I still think Casper is your best bet out of all the DTC bedding and mattress companies. While most of the foam bed-in-a-box products are generally the same, I trust that Casper has done their research and at least attempts to deliver an innovative product. Beyond the mattresses, I think they make an excellent pillow: the two-in-one design is truly the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on. The sheets and duvets are fine; no better nor worse than what you'd get off the shelf at Target.

3 months ago

We love our Casper. It's still so firm even after 3+years. I love that when my husband is moving around I can barley feel him. I'm a sleep every-which-way person too and I'm always comfortable.