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A beauty brand to inspire creativity, Superfluid is a beauty brand that offers tools to boost self-liberation and expression. They make colourful cosmetics to be used by anyone.


At-home hair color for men? Colorsmith makes made-to-order hair color kits for men, with a first product focused on gray reduction.


Is future hair loss a thing of the past? Keeps makes doctor-supported, FDA-approved, affordable treatment plans to stop hair loss.


Exploring our connection with the ocean? Haeckels makes natural and sustainable daily skincare products.


Personal care, reimagined? Nécessaire creates body and sex care products with an emphasis on clean, sustainable, and inclusive beauty.


Shampoo and conditioner with no plastic packaging? HiBar makes salon-quality plastic-free hair care products in solid form.


The Apple of the skincare industry? Foreo is a Swedish beauty and wellness brand, known for their facial cleansing massagers.


Super clean makeup formulated by beauty experts? Saie makes non-toxic, high-performance products at direct-to-you prices.


Natural hair care? Playa blends naturally potent, safer ingredients into five everyday beachy hair essentials for salon-worthy results with a minimal footprint.

Summer Fridays

Friday feeling for your skin? Summer Fridays makes skincare products with good-for-you ingredients that will relieve your stressed out skin.

Ursa Major

Low maintenance, high impact? Ursa Major makes natural skincare products.

Loli Beauty

Clean, conscious, and zero waste skincare? LOLI is a Zero Waste Beauty™ brand with products that are never diluted or polluted, always food-grade, fair-trade, organic, and ethical.

La Bruket

Organic bodycare inspired by the the westcoast of Sweden? La:Bruket is a natural and organic skin and hair care brand focusing on innovation driven by nature, not chemicals.


The future of cosmetics? Fluff is a casual cosmetics company that makes and sells makeup products aimed it keeping it simple: good for your skin, your thoughts, and the planet.


Plant based beauty with a purpose? Rowse create pure plant-based skincare products.

Peet Rivko

Natural skin-care alternatives for sensitive skin? Peet Rivko is a line of gentle, plant-based, and fragrance-free skincare.


Premium care for the premium man? Curated by experts, Lumin has created an essential line of skin, body and hair products for men.

19/99 Beauty

Beauty essentials that are suitable for anyone aged 19 to 99? 19/99 is narrowing the generational beauty gap.

Even Prime

Next generation skincare? Even Prime creates high-quality, affordable personal care and grooming products.


Celebrate yourself with personalized skincare? Base customizes skincare unique to you, based on your skin type, goals and lifestyle.

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