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Celsius makes a range of zero-calorie, zero-sugar energy drinks.


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a month ago

They started carrying these in the vending machine at work so I tried, and liked, the watermelon and orange flavors but not the tropical ones. They are pretty good for energy drinks but I found them overly sweet (despite having zero sugar) with a little too much caffeine for me.

24 days ago

Their energy drink keeps me awake for hours. I do find some of their flavors unappealing but they get the job done.

23 days ago

Tastes great and a refreshing alternative to other energy drinks. I don't jitters from Celsius, but feel a good focus and sustainable energy. Nit sure if it really increases metabolism, but it's a nice thought. It is a bit pricy.


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4 months ago

The strawberry flavor is the least artificial flavor. I love the jolt of energy these give me before my workouts. Not sure, I've noticed much of the boosted metabolism that they promote on the can.

3 months ago

I'm writing this review for my dad, but he loves these. Celsius is his drink of choice on road trips, and I think his favorite flavors are the tropical ones. Personally, I don't like energy drinks but my dad is very picky with drinks so it's high praise that he likes Celsius.

4 months ago

Ultra sweet chemically flavored energy drink. I've decided if I run into a gas station to purchase an energy drink then I'm going for a classic Red Bull instead of some fake tasting drink.

3 months ago

The flavours can be a bit hit-and-miss, but they're no worse than all the other energy drinks you can buy. Much like all other energy drinks, the amount of caffeine in them is a little intense. I wish brands would chill a little more.

a month ago

I've become a convert to the non-carbonated green tea varieties. It feels like drinking a tea while replacing my morning coffee with another caffeinated beverage that gives me a more gradual feeling of alertness without the crash given vitamin additives. Some of the carbonated flavors are a little more acidic than I'd like, but there are many interesting flavor varieties. Given my caffeine tolerance is high, I would caution those without such a tolerance against a full can.

Peach Mango Green Tea

4 months ago

Honestly addictive - these are great - I drink them mostly before big workouts but they are awesome for long drives as well. The fruit flavors are mostly great albeit pretty artificial tasting. I like that they dont have aspartame - but really not sure the other ingredients are particularly healthy. The weight loss claims are BS... but it does hype you up enough to workout at anytime of the day, if that is your goal!