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Glossier makes minimalistic beauty and skincare products for that "no makeup makeup" look.


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16 days ago

Glossier balm dot com is worth it. It smells great, makes me lips stay looking moisturized and the texture isn’t too sticky like some products. You can also use it on cuticles so that’s a double win!

a month ago

Was really disappointed by boy brow, especially after hearing people hype it up. Don’t see myself buying skincare or makeup from them after that. I love glossier you though. Was stoked to see that they now make a you scented deodorant. Would love to see a you scent body oil or lotion or body mist etc I like the whole “not a” line from JHAG, and I think You would make a great line of products.

21 days ago

Lip Savior Alert! 💄💋" Glossier's Balm Dot Com is the real MVP of lip care. Seriously, this stuff is like a cozy sweater for your lips – comforting, essential, and effortlessly chic. Texture Magic: It's not too thick, not too thin – just the right kind of cushiony. Your lips will thank you for this soft, buttery goodness. Endless Flavors: From birthday cake (yes, really) to coconut, there's a flavor for every mood. It's like a lip balm buffet! Multi-Tasker: Lips, cuticles, dry patches – this balm works its magic everywhere. It's the superhero of your skincare routine. No-Stress Packaging: Pop it in your bag, pocket, or glove compartment; it's always up for an adventure. No leaks, no mess – just easy, breezy beauty. Insta-Worthy: Even the packaging is Insta-worthy. Pull it out, snap a pic, and show off your lip game to the world. 💁‍♀️📸 Whether you're a lip balm addict or a minimalist, Glossier's Balm Dot Com is the real deal. Trust me, your lips will thank you. 😘💄💫

Balm Dot Com

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15 days ago

Glossier is my new favorite cosmetic brand. Not gonna lie-I was skeptical about trying both their refillable deodorant and Balm Dot Coms but thank the lord I did. Their deodorant is the best deodorant I have ever tried; it lasts ALL DAY, smells incredible, and is sustainable due to its refillable nature. Their bday balm is delicious-same with their rose one. They should improve the mint one by making it come out in a lipgloss tube rather than just a regular tube.

Balm Dot Com

24 days ago

Boybrow is my go-to eyebrow product. I've been using glossier for years, and that and the Generation G for a perfect blurry lip are my top products. I've never had an allergic reaction, despite sensitive skin, so go Glossier!

a month ago

i love boy brow, brow flick, and their bronzer. their you perfume smells amazing on me. hard to come by in australia is all ;)

a month ago

I bought some Glossier products when I visited America and I loved them. I wish we could get them in Australia. The stretch balm concealer is so good. Natural looking, easy to apply, feels nice on and blends right in. Love the branding and packaging too.

20 days ago

I love all of Hlossiers products. Clean with cute packaging. All of them smell great and are healthy for your skin. I’m very loyal to this brand and will continue purchasing from them

Balm Dot ComBoy BrowCloud paint cheek color

15 days ago

I started with Boy Brow maybe 5 years ago and still use it religiously. I've tried other brow gels, I know Benefit has a good one that I've also used and liked, but I keep coming back to Boy Brow because it applies so consistently and cleanly, wears all day, doesn't smudge, and is a super dark black. It's perfect for the no-makeup makeup look. I also love Glossier's daily moisturizer. It's so smooth, layers well, and doesn't pill under makeup.

Balm Dot ComBoy Browmoisturizer

20 days ago

Not a huge fan of their makeup—I've tried their lipgloss and found it to be super heavy/sticky and their balm dotcoms feel waxy and wipe off quickly without moisturizing. However, I currently have their solid perfume and LOVE the smell. I also feel like the perfume stays on a long time.

Balm Dot Comlip glosssolid perfume