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E.l.f crafted cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics for everyone.



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22 days ago

I love Elf cosmetics. My make-up looks so much better and lasts longer when I use Elf's Illuminating Face Primer. For only $8 a bottle, I can't go without it. I love that this brand is also vegan and cruelty-free and that I can pick it up in my local drug store whenever I run low.

face primer

14 days ago

Price point is solid for the necessary items that you don't want to spend a lot of money on. Only thing is that the foundations are not my favorite formula, but the eyeliner and mascaras are worth it.

15 days ago

the drug store goat for a reason! not thrilled how their pricing has gone up over the years given I remember everything being $1 as a tween, but inflation is very real. and they are bringing back the jelly pop primer, so who can complain!!! will prob use elf until im old

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17 days ago

I've tried a few products from e.l.f. and I'd say you can tell that they're drugstore quality, but it's great for basics on a low budget if you're not picky. I tried a bronzer and it looked muddy on my face. I think they're trying to be a little too "one size fits all" in that regard with a lack of tone options. I also tried a liquid eyeliner and it bled into my skin so it was hard to get a clean line. Overall it wasn't the end of the world and I'd probably use the brand if I wanted to save money.


11 days ago

e.l.f. is an awesome cost-effective makeup brand! They have quickly become a go-to in my daily routine, especially their Multistick and Browlift gel. I also loooove their Daily Dew Stick, which is a super pretty highlighter that lasts all day and has a cool, refreshing application. Big fan of e.l.f.!

daily dew stickmultistickBrow Lift

17 days ago

Affordable makeup, love the lip gloss and the primer/ foundations. The brushes are high quality for 2-3 dollars, cant go wrong !

7 days ago

I've always been such a big fan of elf. As a teenager their makeup was all I could afford and try out. They have such good quality for the amount of money you spend. I have used them for years and always repurchase. I am someone who doesn't wear makeup a lot so for special occasions elf is the perfect buy. They have done a really great job of evolving over the years and duping other brands for less expensive!

16 days ago

As someone who is not great at makeup, but still likes to experiment with new products, Elf is fantastic! Easy to find at Target, so many options, all at a great price so you can try out all the makeup tricks and trends you want!

8 days ago

Most people know ELF so I'm going to focus my review on particular products. I have thoroughly enjoyed my O Face lipstick, particurarly the magnetic packaging, and the consistency of the lipsticks. I prefer a lipstick that isn't too matte or too buttery, and this has the right balance of color, texture, and consistency. I recently purchased the Holy Hydration face cream for use at nighttime over/under my retinol, and it is the first time I have found a moisturizer that almost moisturizes too much with my retinol! It is a little heavy for acne prone skin, so for me it is not suitable for nightly use, but is great for when you have extra dry skin. I imagine this will be the perfect moisturizer for winter months.