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Waterdrop makes dissolvable sugar-free cubes to enrich your water with natural fruits, plants, and vitamins.



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24 days ago

Not worth the money. I was excited to try the product. The website is easy to navigate and order. I ordered several flavors to try a variety. Every flavor except for the youth tastes awful. There's barely a hint of flavor and if you add a second pod, it tastes even worse. I was really excited to try these and now I'm disappointed and have extra pods laying around.

15 days ago

Over the Christmass when I was visiting my parents I saw Waterdrop at supermarket. Since I have always wanted to try it, I bought it. I must admit I liked it, but it isnt woth the price. Taste was good but not something I need to have in my life. But I can imagine the taste can help some people to drink more water. And the package isnt very ecofriendly.

5 months ago

I drink a lot of water but the taste can get boring over time. I saw an ad for Waterdrop and decided to give it a try. I love that the product is sugar-free. When you sign up, you get a beautiful glass water bottle with a wooden lid (I get a lot of compliments on the bottle) and it comes in a pretty cloth carrying case. One drop is all you need in a bottle full of water. The flavor is subtle but it keeps you drinking. Some flavors offer caffeine but most are caffeine-free. My favorite flavors are Love, Boost, and Shiro.


A nice sugar-free product that keeps water from tasting boring. It also comes with a beautiful glass water bottle.

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6 months ago

Great tasting product with benefits like vitamins and a nice flavor that isn't overly sweet (I dissolved in 20 oz water) which is a nice change of pace from competitors.


It takes a long time to dissolve (like more than 5 min!)

4 months ago

Tastes artificial. Not the best quality. I just followed the hype and now packages of flavors lie around unused. Not worth the money. Just brew a fresh tea.

5 months ago

Waterdrop offers subtle, pleasant flavors that are all-natural and sugar free. For people like myself who struggle to drink pure water, these dissolvable cubes are a great way to boost your water intake and stay hydrated.

2 months ago

I started using waterdrop years ago and found the product really innovative. I’ve always struggled to drink my recommended amount of water each day and this helps mix it up a bit so I don’t feel like I’m having “plain” water. I have tried the little drops for cold drinks and the hot tea. Mostly I enjoy them but there are a couple of flavours that aren’t for me. They are really handy to carry around and I also have some in the office. They can take a while to dissolve though so you do need to wait. I notice they have launched new lines lately including new flavours and energy drinks so I’m keen to try those. Definitely worth a go if you struggle to drink plain water, but you might want to try a few flavours to find your favourites. Perhaps more mixed boxes would help so new people don’t have to commit to just one flavour?

2 months ago

It wants to be more environmentally friendly but it still uses little plastic container. If you drink enough each day, you will have a lot more waste than when using vitamin tablets that come in a bigger container. Also, I didn't enjoy the flavors. They were not intense enough and not the kinds I would like to drink.

2 months ago

The customer service is top-notch. It took a week or so, but when I ordered the wrong cap for my water bottle, they sent me the correct one, free of charge.

3 months ago

Waterdrop has the BEST customer service! They went above and beyond when we had an issue with the cap on our water bottle. I couldn't be happier with this company!