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Thesis offers a range of personalized nootropic supplement formulas to enhance your mental performance.


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a month ago

Unfortunately I didnt have a positive experience with these, but I don't fault the product. One of the challenges with nootropics is that everyone's individual chemistry will react differently and I found that of the 4 different formulas, two made me feel overly aggressive and 2 did basically nothing. The effective ones were a bit insidious in that it took me far longer to notice the mood change than my husband, who knew I was trying these for a limited time and saved his feedback for after each formula's course. I did allow more than the recommended time between each formula so that I could assess the effects of each in isolation. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone who isn't at least moderately familiar with nootropics, or who isn't fairly in-tune with their mood.

7 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

I have mixed feelings on the supplements, but overall positive. I received the starter pack offered through Thingdrop, and have been trying each supplement both on an empty stomach and with food. I do think each supplement does what it says it does, but I feel some of the ingredients are kind of gimmick-y. For example, some contain Ashwagandha, and for Ashwagandha to actually have an effect for most people you have to take it daily for awhile. So these supplements are not going to have a transformative effect from just one dose. Another thing I noticed was almost all have L-theanine and caffeine in them, and I think these ingredients contribute to most of the effects of the supplements. I mostly noticed I felt more energized and focused with each of them, without much difference in my experience EXCEPT for the Energy supplement. That supplement turned out to be too strong for me on an empty stomach, and I definitely felt very awake and although not jittery, still felt over-caffeinated. I would try these again if I could afford to get the supplements regurarly, but the financial commitment is out of my budget right now. These would be good for a friend who can afford the high price to take the supplements as intended, and who is interested in health + wellness.


16 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

The first month is about seeing what works and what doesn't work since our brains are all wired differently. I have 4 blends in my starter kit (creativity, logic, clarity, and energy). You're supposed to stick with one blend per week during this time. I started with creativity and I definitely felt a difference! That's one that I'll definitely continue using. This week I've been using logic and I don't think it's doing anything for me, so I won't be continuing that one. I still have 2 more blends to try. I'll be trying clarity next! I'm rating this high on the fact alone that I already have one blend that I know works with my brain makeup. I'm excited to see how the other blends hold up.


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3 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

Like some people, my experience with Thesis pills wasn't as I had hoped it would be. Out of all four included in the beginner kit, the only one I felt a real difference with was "Clarity." My first week was with "Energy," and I'm not sure I felt anything at all. I tried to limit of coffee intake during this week, and the pills did help a little, but I was still feeling tired around lunch time. I'm not sure what the intended effect is when taking Energy. I'll talk about the pills that had a real noticeable effect. Clarity was great. During this week, I felt like there just wasn't enough for me to do around the house. Any procrastination I had was gone. I felt like I just had to do everything on my list. When I didn't have anything on my list that needed to be done, I felt like I had to come up with things to do. The other two had very subtle effects. The downside to products like this is that everyone's chemistry is going to be different. Some people will notice a huge difference, and others probably won't notice anything at all. Clarity definitely worked for me. If I end up ordering Thesis again, it will be multiple weeks of Clarity, and maybe Energy.


6 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

Overall solid, only downside I’ve noticed is the duration it lasts. It’s only lasted 2ish hours

a month ago

I liked the product at first but started to see reduced effects after taking it over a few month cycles. For those that try it, I think you’ll like it at first! Take it daily to get the maximum benefit. The one thing that drove me crazy was the inability to cancel the subscription easily. Be careful you don’t end up with a 5 month supply like I did…

3 months ago

Thesis cutomer support has been amazing. After receiving my first bundle 4 from the "quiz" they sent me another to try based on my consultation with my thesis rep (counselor-esque?). I've now tried all but one, and they are now sending the last one for me to work on. Remember, if you take other prescribed medications - talk with your doctor first. Because Nootropics WILL have an effect on different people in different ways. I would definitely recommend "Clarity" and "Creativity" which felt the best to me. If you change up your dietary routine and vitamins/etc a lot, you may not understand/notice the difference. They have a great process where you try the first 4 individually for a week each, keep a journal, and make a phone appointment with one of their reps to talk about results to find the best ones for you. I really do recommend this over so many other types of medication. It's been hard as someone who has been prescribed amphetamines for so many years for my ADHD. I stopped taking those in November and started Thesis in March. If you are NEW to being off of stimulant medication, do not expect the same kind of feeling you had on that medication. This is a great alternative (you'll notice if you take a break for a while before trying it). My top suggestions are Clarity, Creativity, & Motivation. Overall, it does help a great deal, just be open to focusing on one at a time for effects. After a while, you can combine them in a day (one in the morning, one in the late afternoon for when we all crash around 3), etc.

6 months ago

They give you 5 different versions to try, none of them had a large effect. I had been taking some of the supplements on my own and was happy to condense my vitamin routine but disappointed by lack of options to customize dose and inability to customize a blend. Caffeine has a dopaminergic effect so hard to say if it actually worked. This was a lower dose of L-Tyrosine than I had been taking, and no formula compensated for low bioavailability. Wish they tailored more to personal needs, even if it means an additional price.