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TELFAR creates a variety of unisex clothing pieces featuring sustainable production.

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Telfar reviews


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34 reviews

19 days ago

Love my bag! I got the small bag in bubblegum and wear it daily - quality for price is great!

22 days ago

I love these bags, they are good quality (not the best, but good) -- but more importantly I love what I'm supporting. An independent luxury brand that prioritizes all people and sustainability.

3 months ago

Conceptually I adore this brand and teller, and I love that the bags have become iconic. With that said, I don't like the material of the bags - the pleather wrinkles easily and has a noticeable smell.

3 months ago

If it's good enough for Beyonce it's good enough for me!! These bags are trendy, come in amazing colors, and look great when you carry them. I wish there were some other size options, and i wish they closed with more than a magnet, but they're stylish and trendy, and I am not complaining!

3 months ago

“Not for you but for everyone” has to be the coolest slogan I’ve heard in a long time!! These bags are cute! The impact the brand has had on the fashion industry is astounding! It’s pleather but still cute regardless.

5 months ago

I have the Telfar x Ugg collaboration bag and rarely use it because I'm worried about the shearling getting dirty, but I do love it! I think the bag is cute and there are some others in the collection I like, but I specifically bought the bag I did because I saw how the traditional bags CAN fair over time. I love that the bags are positioned as affordable luxury, but I do think people should be clear that it's VEGAN leather, aka plastic. It's not going to be durable in the way that leather is and you can't get it repaired like you would a leather good. My one issue with my experience is the ordering process. They do bag drops to help limit the amount of bags they make in production and help combat resellers (WHICH I LOVE!), but it can make for a messy customer experience. They send emails letting you know of an impending drop and will outline the products in colors, size and prices that will be available a few days before the drop. I ordered my bag in summer and the website said that my bag would be delivered in January (which was fine because they were going to mail out a little postcard in early December in case you wanted to give the bag as a gift during the holidays) and that I could not change the address on my order once it was placed. SPOILER ALERT: I didn't get the postcard until February. It made me nervous that the product would be delayed and I was moving out of the state in June. There was no communication from the brand or response to my customer service questions about when the bag would be shipped when I didn't recieve it by March. The bag was ultimately delivered in May -- two weeks before I moved -- and while I understand that things happen, I think communication is essential when the bag is going to be delayed by 6 months and you can't change your shipping address.

5 months ago

My medium-sized Telfar is a life saver. I use it as a work bag, purse, carry-on -- anything. I've had it for about a year and haven't dealt with any wear or tear to the bag or handles.

6 months ago

Oh my gosh Telfar?!! An absolute STAPLE in my bag collection. From the smallest to largest size in Telford collection, they are all so spacious. The small size is the most surprising as for as how much you have to fit your belongings in. I love this bag down and the brand as a whole!

2 months ago

Haven't even received my bag and I don't care how it looks. Ordered by the first week of December, only to find out it won't be shipped until January. Like wtf... it's Christmas. Who doesnt supply merchandise over the holiday season. There's no warning about their shipping BS, yet there's no returns or exchanges on bags. Really? Coming after Christmas doesn't benefit me because I have to have a gift for Christmas!!!! It will be on Ebay as soon as it arrives. TRASH COMPANY!!!