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Rothy's uses recycled plastic to create unique and affordable shoes.

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a month ago

One of my favorite pairs of shoes to wear! My mom and I both have multiple pairs (our favorite weekend trips are to their Larchmont store in LA) and the high top sneaker is a must have! I don't think we could take a picture of all of our Rothy shoes if we tried!

The Lace Up Sneaker

18 hours ago

I wanted to like these and I gave it an honest shot, but ultimately I don’t think these are a good investment. The price point is so high and I never found them to be comfortable at all! Maybe my bad experience is from the strange sizing of the pointed flats, but regardless of the weird length issue, the soles are thin, flat, and hard. I’m not sure the current price range, but when I purchased mine they were $145+. They never have sales and popular colors sell out quickly. I ended up selling mine on and not repurchasing.

3 months ago

Flexible shoes made from sustainable materials but rather on the expensive side. I love the look of the Square Mary Jane in black, but this isn't my go-to shoe company as they don't offer half-sizes or good arch support.

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5 months ago

love looove rothys! at first, what caught my eye was the shoes were from recycled water bottles! That is so cool, I ended up getting the slip-on shoes. Its become my daily wear, I've gotten my friends and family into rothys and they love it as well.

5 months ago

I'm loving this! Sure, they can be a bit pricey, and I feel like they've upped their prices since my last shoe purchase. But I absolutely adore my pair, and I'm confident you will too!

5 months ago

I hate shopping for work clothing and shoes but Rothy’s has made it easy with their line of simple flats, loafers, and sneakers that I can almost pass off as business casual wear. My favorite part is that I can drop these in the washing machine once a month and both my pairs have lasted well over two years already! Super innovative and love this brand!

3 months ago

Huge fan I like that they offered a teacher and nurse discount . I would not wear these walkiing in Europe, but they are great for work and for small distances when you want to look classy and cute

a month ago

These are so great. Comfy, stylish, and just go with so many different looks. Turned my mom into them and she’s bought multiple pairs as well

3 months ago

I got a pair of the lace up sneakers for a recent trip to New Zealand and Australia since they would be easy to pack and I needed a cute shoe for all the walking. I was surprised at how comfortable they were! If you’re going to be walking a lot, you definitely need to wear socks to avoid blisters.

5 months ago

I wanted to love these. Shoes made from recycled plastic? I bought the rounded toe and the point. The sides were great, never chaffing or rubbing. The part on the ankle was sturdy but soft, no blister. They really are machine washable and come out looking new. But, in the rounded and pointed toe - the right size (they run a tad small), there is zero give in the toe. I thought continued wear would stretch them a bit, but it never did. My toenails actually ached at the end of the day.