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Sustainable style made to keep up with life on the go. Rothy's transforms recycled plastics into timeless shoes and accessories.

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U.K., U.S., North America
September 2016
San Francisco, California
Stephen Hawthornthwaite
Roth Martin
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Sustainable productsEveryday wearComfortableWorth the money 💸Travel friendly ✈️
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a month ago

I love the concept of these flats & the sustainability story behind them. The colorways were limited when I first tried this product but have expanded nicely over time with a good selection of solid colors. They are genuinely comfortable and structured enough such that it doesn't look or feel like you are wearing knit slippers. I originally bought two pairs, hoping they would make the perfect "polished" travel shoe for business trips.


Unfortunately, the washability value prop is questionable. I've tried washing them by hand as well as in the washing machine and unfortunately, the poly is quite good at trapping odor so they start to feel gross, like your standard leather flats, over time. I put one pair through the dry cycle just to see if it would make a difference and they shrank about half a size (to Rothy's credit, I don't think this is recommended care). I understand that they now sell replacement insoles to extend the longevity but I bought these in hopes of consuming less so this defeats the purpose.

Travel friendly ✈️ComfortableLove the brand's mission 💕
2 months ago

I love my Rothys. I have two pairs of the pointe Shoes. I purchased them back before 2019 and they are still doing well. I like that they can be washed. You definitely need to otherwise they can smell.


I have a stain on my red pair that I cannot seem to get out entirely. It’s not as obvious now but I can see it. I still love the shoes though.

2 months ago

I've had my Rothy's since 2016 and they're still holding up perfectly. The sole hasn't worn out and they've withstood thunderstorms, tons of walking, and numerous trips through the washing machine. I love that I don't have to worry whether my shoes will get destroyed by the weather. Goes with almost everything.


Only one style seems to work with my foot shape and I feel like the same is true for others I know. It seems like everyone has one style that works for them, but the other styles pinch or gives blisters or something. I know people who wear the loafer, the round toe flat, and I wear the point toe flat.

Sustainable productsWorth the money 💸Comfortable
2 months ago

Love the concept and the look of these shoes. Mine are super comfortable and I've had them for a few years now. They fit well and are easy to maintain being washable. I'd recommend switching out the insole to a breathable leather version though and their original insole is not breathable at all!


I know a knitted insole looks cool but a leather insole made it so much more bearable.

2 months ago

Light weight, comfortable to wear, beautiful design, sustainable materials, easy to clean.


Some sizing is off- runs small. These shoes are not very friendly to sweaty feet- they don't breathe very well.

ComfortableSustainable productsEveryday wear
3 months ago

Unimpressed! I can only review Rothy's based on my experience with the product I bought, but maybe some of their newer products like sneakers don't have this issue, so take it with a grain of salt! I bought their original flats years ago when that was their only product. Though flexible, the fabric was very rough and caused blisters on several toes.

Everyday wearFit just rightSustainable products
3 months ago

Love the other bags and products they have been coming out with.


I was so excited to try the original Rothys, but found the pairs that I got- the classic pointy toe, tried 3 different sizes- quite uncomfortable and didnt stay on well on my wide foot.

3 months ago

I love Rothy's. I own multiple pairs and even wore them at my own wedding reception. They're extremely comfortable and can be worn dressed up or down. Also, the washing factor is huge. I've washed mine many times without any deterioration in the material. Highly recommend.


Just remember they are fabric so not a good choice when it's raining out. I would love it if they made a more cushioned insole.

Worth the money 💸Sustainable productsHigh qualityInnovative productBusiness casualEveryday wearAthleisureFit just rightComfortableTravel friendly ✈️
4 months ago

I love how many style and color options there are for Rothy's because it creates a lot of comfortable flexibility in shoe options to complement many outfits. Rothy's are very comfortable and easy to clean.


The pointed-toe flat feels noticeably narrower than the rounded toe, which makes it less comfortable to me.

Sustainable productsTravel friendly ✈️Worth the money 💸ComfortableEveryday wearBusiness casualCool look & feelInnovative productLuxury