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pura offers a home fragrance diffuser, control the scent of your home from your phone

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3 months ago


I have mixed feelings about Pura. On one hand I love it, but there are some functionality aspects that get on my nerves. Pros- I love that there's an endless variety of scents to try from different brands. I have heard from others that some scents aren't 100% accurate compared to the original brands candle/ perfume, but I haven't ran into that issue myself. (I currently have Apotheke's Sea Salt Grapefruit and Canvas in my Pura) I think the app is also nice to have because you can set it to where if you're not in your home, it uses your location and will automatically turn off. The diffuser vials also last a long time- for me, I have them set to intensity level 4 and they lasted 3 months before getting low. I think the cost of each fragrance vial is also reasonable! Cons- The app is clunky and glitches sometimes. It's not easy to reset schedules, so you need to delete the whole thing instead of just editing it (is that just me doing it incorrectly??) Also if you want to move the device to a different spot you need to resync it and replug in the fragrance vials, which is annoying.

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