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Moon Juice makes adaptogenic supplements, skincare, and foods designed to heal the body and mind.

Moon Juice Reviews

Moon Juice reviews


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24 days ago

tried several products from moon juice but not see the claimed benefits neither do I like the price point

25 days ago

Love love love the mini dew. I’ve tried so many electrolyte mixes and this is hands down my fave. Mixes well, good flavor and I like its mineral balance.

Mini Dew

a month ago

I remember when green juice and the Goop lifestyle was novel, revolutionary and groundbreaking. I bought the Moon Juice book. I got sucked into the weird story of its founder, who appeared like a cool wealthy crystals chick. Followed her romances on social media, fawned over her midcentury furniture, and Topanga Canyon home (wow, wish I lived like that!) I remember when Father John MIsty made jokes on Instagram about stealing their giant rose quartz rock at the Venice Beach location. I made some of the concoctions like the spiced nuts and the 'salt and vinegar' almonds. Then, I promptly stopped. I have never used their skincare, never felt the need to. I never bothered with the Sex Dust, seemed gimmicky and expensive. There was once a time when I bought 'adaptogens' (lol) for myself. Now, I just eat meat and potatoes. Nothing wrong with that. Life is simpler and more pleasant now.

11 hours ago

My three star rating isn't based on the efficiency of this product but rather the unfortunate effects that accompanied its usage. I was DELIGHTED and THRILLED to see what my Super Hair supplements did to my hair in just a month's time. It's such a cost effective alternative to Nutrafol and I needed something to boost my confidence. IT WORKED! I was (& still am) so sad to have to discontinue, but the biggest con, cystic acne outweighed the many pros. I'm a skin-picker, and I warn any others within this category to avoid ahead of time. I ended up having to get two steroid injections in my chin -- the pills made my hormones go a bit crazy. If you have perfect skin and haven't had concerns in the past, it's 100% worth the shot. It just wasn't for me.

Super Hair

3 months ago

You know, none of the powders taste good despite what reviews say. Often times people will say it tastes like chocolate milk but I am convinced many people have not tasted chocolate milk for a long while. I’ve tried nearly all the powders when Chantal and Moon Juice was all the rage in 2015. In retrospect, I’m glad it kicked off a health kick for me. But the products are grossly expensive and you can grind up some magnesium for a cheaper cost

3 months ago

I had the chocolate aphrodisiac version - it was delicious — not sweet. Warm spices with cacao. Nice with warm oatmilk before bed and after a chilly dog walk

5 months ago

Influencer for Moon Juice

Let me tell u..after my chemos n radiation I started to look for things that it will help my body. Watermelon electrolytes and mineral is what I need. Makes a difference when u treat ur body well

3 months ago

II've tried the moonjuice cosmic cocoa - I was really hoping that it would help me on my journey for increasing quality of sleep and mood improvement. I couldn't get past the weird taste! I found it more tolerable to mix with another high quality drinking chocolate, but found that it was a bit too much work for negligible effect.

3 months ago

One of my favorite brands. I cannot say enough about the Super You and Super Hair supplements. I saw a HUGE difference when taking super hair. The amount of hair I lost when brushing decreased drastically. I only recently stopped because I started taking a prenatal and my hair is shedding more again, so I can definitely attest to the fact that it does work. Another fav is the cosmic cocoa. I make it with oat milk and a little honey and it tastes so good. As far as skincare, I have re-purchased the plump jelly numerous times. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and bouncy.

Plump JellyCosmic Cocoa Super YouSuper Hair