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Milk Bar makes one-of-a-kind-treats and baked goods delivered fresh anywhere in the USA.

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17 days ago

In person the products are (or used to be - I haven't been in store in about 5 years) very good. Their supermarket line is not good. The prepackaged cookies lack the balance of flavors you get in the bakery, hitting you over the head with sugars and fats, without salt or acid or any balancing elements to round out the experience. Maybe this is because the bakers anticipated that the cookies would degrade in flavor by sitting in boxes, or maybe the creative direction/recipe-testing of the supermarket desserts is different from the in-store. Regardless, Christina Tosi and David Chang are both brilliant chefs and I admire their work in-person.


10 days ago

A friend recently sent me some of their cookies when I was having a good time. They were decadent and perfect and so, so yummy!!


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16 days ago

I am obsessed with Milk Bar birthday cakes. They're absolutely delicious, and they're my favorite way to treat friends (or myself) for special occasions.


a day ago

taste is amazing but a little too sweet for my asian taste buds sometimes. would there ever be a 'not too sweet' version :)


9 days ago

This birthday cake had a choke hold on millennials in our 20s. I can’t explain it. Four bites and you’ll realize it’s way too sweet but you can’t stop eating it. Don’t worry if the cake seems small, I promise, even a small slice is more than enough!


6 days ago

I have the Milk cookbook and a fan of their corn cookies. Their products are quite sweet but I think it’s her niche.