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Little Spoon makes fresh, organic baby food, toddler and kid's meals, and vitamins and natural remedies.


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21 hours ago

Love Little Spoon. My kids grew up with it from blends to kids meal & snacks. They get super excited when we warm up or take out one of the snacks. They truly love it. It saves us time and energy as well. Love the variety of options and stages as they grow. I am comfortable feeding them clean and quality ingredients to support their growth. 100% recommend this brand.


21 days ago

My son hates the food. they also won’t let you cancel the next coming order. When I expressed to them that my son doesn’t like the food, they will send it even sooner! So you can’t cancel it. No address to return. Some of the food became bad when arrived. When addressed they try to deny it. My experience was bad. I do not suggest others to buy their food.

23 days ago

They have very aggressive sales tactics. They only have two dairy free bitable dishes. And they refused to refund all my money, even though my baby can’t eat their food! They tried to push me into the more processed fried toddler food. Charged me a $2 processing fee! Beware, they are very aggressive and want your money. (Note I did buy their purées before. They were too smooth and basic in this baby led weaning time)

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18 hours ago

I have used Little Spoon for just over a year now. My toddler loves the pouches and meals. He started out with the purees and they were great. My older son is so picky and that is partly my fault but there was also a lack of variety in his baby foods. The purees with Little Spoon aren't what you'd find in stores with Gerber. I've never seen a baby/toddler really eat onions and peppers but he does. I love the variety. Currently my toddler is in a picky phase. It's nice to know that even with the meals he's still getting vegetables to eat. The meals are also really convenient for lunch time. I work from home and only get 30 minutes to eat and get him lunch. I typically get the biggest and tot type meals. They're easy to pop in the air fryer and give him. He also loves the breakfast meals. We will continue to use Little Spoon with our new addition as well. The subscription is very similar to Hello Fresh. You can skip the month and up size or down size your box. I will admit for the blends, the packaging could be more robust. I also think it would be a great program to add that would allow you to return the empty, clean plates to be reused along with the insulation. Anytime I've reached out to customer support they've always been amazing and helpful.


20 hours ago

My son is in feeding therapy. He is very picky about the foods and textures he will try. He has loved every purée by Little Spoon! Sometimes it’s the only way that I can get a fruit or veggie in him. It’s nice to know I can rely on a quality product to give him some of the nutrients he’s missing from his solid food. Thanks for making a product we can trust! I love how amazing the customer service has been! So quick to resolve any issue with delivery. We love y’all’s products!


4 days ago

LOVE Little Spoon! As a first time mom I was unsure of the BLW trend so I stuck to purées. I tried another delivery baby food and Little Spoon at the same time to compare and contrast and Little Spoon was superior in every way. Fresh tasting, high quality ingredients that my kiddo loved! Fast forward 2 years and I’m using purées for my newest little one and subscribe to the veggie packed smoothies for my oldest. I admit that I sneak a bite from the plastic seal and the pumpkin pie purée is my favorite! As I’ve been a customer for many years, I can say the packaging has gone through some changes/challenges. I did receive a broken purée, but once I let them know they credited my account. Very helpful customer service!


8 days ago

I adopted my son last August and started immediately with Little Spoon as he had very little prenatal care and I was concerned about vitamin deficiencies. From the purees to plates to smoothies, he is one very happy, healthy little boy. We have had zero issues with his development and I am 100% convinced it is because of the wonderful, nutritious and organic ingredients in the Little Spoon meals. The one issue we had was immediately fixed and we couldn't be happier! Thank you Little Spoon


5 days ago

You know they're shady when they lock you into a subscription without being able to see what is actually available and in stock without the option to cancel. Most places would allow you to build your selections first and then sign up. It's a devious tactic.

2 months ago

I really wanted to love this. I liked that you could freeze them and that there is really no junk in them. My first package came and a couple of them were crushed and open. It was a sticky mess. They gave me a credit for a free food for next time, but I don’t think there will be a next time. My baby likes them but they aren’t her favorite.

2 months ago

I can tell that this food is of great quality. It just looks so much fresher and is made with better products than you get at the store. My issue is the packaging. It’s made of a hard plastic that breaks really easily. My first order came with 3 servings of food ruined from the packing and sealing being broken open during transport. A lid and “little spoon” were broken on a fourth serving of food, but thankfully the seal wasn’t broken on that one. This is a pretty pricey subscription service, so I was expecting better.