• Little Spoon

    Kaylee N 1 Review

    24 days ago

    When I (a 23 year old new mom who had barely any experience in the kitchen) had my daughter I was so scared for her to start solids. It was very important to me that she would have something fresh & organic (& CLEAN!) but also tasted good! I have always heard of all sorts of things about baby food brands whether it was recalls or toxic metals and I did so much research and found out that even the brands that are said to be clean & organic have a scary expiration date or have articles about them being recalled or containing those toxic metals. I was worried I would just have to make everything from scratch and with my little to no kitchen experience.. I desperately continued my search for the perfect clean, REAL baby food and ended up stumbling on Little Spoon through a mommy app so we decided to try it, I am so glad we did because it changed the whole game for us!!! My daughter LOVES her babyblends, they have become a staple for her mealtime! One thing I didn’t know is that they are customizable (which I found out through their awesome customer service by texting them!) so we love to combine some of our baby blends, her favorite is Mango + Sweet Potato with a dash of cinnamon, she absolutely loves it. It has also taught me more about foods and has inspired me to learn & become more creative in the kitchen! We are excited to try biteables next. We even have friends and family wanting to try LS for their babes! Thank you Little Spoon for changing the game!! ♡