• Little Spoon

    Jean H 1 Review

    24 days ago

    I first heard of Little Spoon when my sister in law had my nephew. I knew right away it was something I wanted to use when I had my own baby someday. I love the different & unique flavors/ingredients they offer to expand my son’s palate beyond what myself or my husband eat regularly. I had a lot of anxiety around starting solids & I love that Little Spoon offers different stages for when your little one becomes a more advanced eater. In the beginning, I could easily get 2 meals out of 1 Babyblend & if frozen they last for a long time. Their website is so easy to navigate & it’s super helpful that you can skip a delivery. You get reminder emails with the deadline to modify or skip your next order — also helpful! We started with Babyblends then tried the Smoothies. My son can suck a smoothie down I swear in 60 seconds. He LOVES them! We have now graduated to Biteables which I’m sure he will love just as much. In the off chance my son happens to not finish something I never mind finishing it for him because the food is seriously delicious. We did have one issue with some of our Babyblends being crushed/broken upon arrival. I reached out to customer service who immediately responded, credited my account & sent me a free lunchbox in my next delivery. Recently I forgot to enter a coupon code at checkout. I reached out to customer service & was told my order didn’t qualify for that code, but was given a different code that could be applied to my next order. Needless to say any time I have reached out to customer service they have been more than helpful. Navigating motherhood is no easy feat. Little Spoon is a no brainer for me. It has allowed me to have one less thing on my plate without the guilt because I know it is real, fresh food. I truly can’t recommend Little Spoon enough.