Leesa Sleep

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Leesa manufactures mattresses, bases, bedding, cushions, and other products made for good sleeping experiences.

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Leesa Sleep Reviews


I was hesitant to get a mattress out of a box, but this is actually the comfiest one I've ever had, period.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Works really wellComfortable
a month ago

I have had the Leesa Original since 2016 in size Queen, we love it and also can't wait to get the one step up from this one - the main reason we want to support Leesa brand is that its a B-Corp, made in the USA (jobs in USA!), and that they are "affordable" -- for our next mattress we will upgrade to the "Legend" version -- Leesa has been reliable, comfortable, and a supported me through my pregnancy and supported the hip pains. I am a huge fan of this brand and recommend it to anyone!

High qualityWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦ComfortableAmazing websiteLove the brand's mission 💕
3 months ago

Been sleeping on a Leesa mattress for years after hearing it was the best for stomach sleepers and I've got no complaints, it's a great mattress!

High qualityComfortableLuxury
10 months ago

My partner bought this mattress before we moved in together. It's everything I want from a mattress—which is to say I think about it exactly never.

Works really wellComfortable
a year ago

I love this mattress so much I almost don't like to sleep away at hotels anymore (historically my favorite thing). It is the absolute perfect firmness, stays cool, and my cats are obsessed with the mattress covering. We bought a king size Leesa when we bought our house and it is easily the best purchase we made as new homeowners. Any time a friend is looking for a new mattress, I tell them to get a Leesa.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Works really wellComfortable
a year ago

We had the Leesa queen sized original mattress for about two years, and now have the king sizes hybrid mattress, which we've had for about 6 months. I was super happy with the foam mattress, but when we decided to upgrade to a king sized bed, I figured it may be worth it to also upgrade to a hybrid mattress. Both foam and hybrid mattresses are incredibly comfortable, but I do find the hybrid to be more comfortable, since the combination of springs and foam make it feel like you're sort of floating.


The king sized foam mattress is like 150 pounds – not a lot they can do about that, but it wasn't super fun to get up to our third floor walk-up apartment.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Works really wellComfortableLuxury
a year ago