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JIGGY sells puzzles that highlight art made by emerging female artists.

JIGGY Reviews

JIGGY reviews


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19 reviews

4 months ago

I have about 12 of their puzzles. I’ve done 7, and I am stopping. I stopped the subscription!! The pieces are repetitive in size. So a lot of the pieces fit in a lot of different places. And if you’re dealing with all black or any other solid color, it really messes you up. I also have found in the colorful ones there are bleed lines on the edges of the pieces. I have written to them they were gracious, and sent me another one. But I see it in a lot of their puzzles. The image that they stock inside your puzzle is very small. So I have to take it to my printer and enlarge it. I’m just frustrated it’s not fun to have to redo certain things because it doesn’t go there. Also, their boxes do not tell you anything about what’s inside. So you don’t know if it’s 450 pieces 750 1000 pieces, and when you have a library of them, you don’t know what you’re starting . I guess I have to go online and look—naaah forget it I’m putting them in my goodwill pile.

6 months ago

This was another Puzzle brand that saved me during covid. The patterns were so cute & so much more fun than the standard puzzles out there. When I got it, a lot of the pieces were still stuck together though. This would make for a fun gift!

a year ago

I unfortunately dropped my Jiggy on the way home from the post office. That meant a lot of glass and puzzle pieces on the sidewalk :(


Beware of its fragility! They are totally beautiful puzzles, though.

2 years ago

I never thought I'd describe a jigsaw puzzle as high quality, but these jigsaw puzzles are HIGH QUALITY. Thicker pieces, beautiful designs, and they come in nice packaging. Great for gifts. I gotta be honest though, the puzzle I got was pretty hard!

3 years ago

The colors and the packaging were very fun - the unboxing itself was cool. The price is in line with what most "fancy" puzzles cost and these give part of the proceeds to artists who have developed these fun designs. Great as a gift for friends!


The glue was a little difficult to figure out.

2 years ago

Hella cute puzzles and really fun to put together. I would advise gluing this one some newspaper so it doesn't stick to your table.

2 years ago

Loved their selection of puzzles and the stories (detailed but digestible) about each. Went on site to get one puzzle and checked out with 3!



3 years ago

Huge fan of these puzzles. Love the ability to glue and frame it after completion! Plus, supporting female artists is always a plus. Hanging in our bedroom now :)

10 months ago

Friends with JIGGY

Jiggy was my main hobby during lockdown. I really enjoy puzzling and the designs from Jiggy. I have given them as a gift before and even framed some of the puzzles I finished. It's fun to buy and pass along to a friend or family member if you're not planning on framing it. The glass jar is great too!