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Homesick creates home fragrances to help people connect to their favorite memories and places.


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25 days ago

I received this as a gift. The packaging is super cute, but it burns fast & the scent isn't as strong as some of my other candles. It's a cute gift idea, but I'm not sure I would repurchase for myself.

a month ago

Got these as a gift but disappointed because soy candles are pretty toxic, from their farming, manufacture to burning. Will stick to beeswax.

a day ago

Long time buyer - won’t be repurchasing . I have no idea what has happened to these candles in the past few years but the amount of black soot is absolutely appalling. The throw is almost non existent now. I keep the wicks trimmed and yet still black fallout into the hot wax making the $50 candle look like I bought it from the dollar tree. I’ll stick local from now on.

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3 months ago

Received a free product from Homesick

I received the "New Home" candle as a house warming gift. It smelled great, lasted a long time, and has a nice aesthetic. I was also able to reuse the glass after the candle was finished to hold my candle wick cutter and lighter. It's a great gift!

a month ago

Los Angeles all day every day! I love a good glass candle. Definitely a one time purchase and would love to receive it as a gift!

2 months ago

I had the los angeles candle and while I liked the packaging, didn't love the smell too much. It felt too synthetic and fragency for me.

2 months ago

A bit pricey but the scents are great. They last quiet awhile and I have received compliments from friends.

a month ago

I bought this to add to a gift basket I was making for a friend, because I wanted a specific state that had special meaning to her. The candle itself was fine and the scent was pretty standard, but I feel like this brand is definitely overhyped and not worth the price. I would so much rather support other small businesses who are making really cool scents and using more natural ingredients.

5 months ago

I'm not one to go overboard when it comes to candles, but Homesick Candles have managed to capture my heart (and my nose) with their unique city-inspired scents. As someone who moved from Los Angeles to New York City, I was thrilled when a friend gifted me a Los Angeles Homesick Candle, and I quickly became enamored with the idea of owning a piece of both cities I adore. Upon lighting the Los Angeles candle, I was instantly transported back to the West Coast, with its blend of citrus, jasmine, and ocean breezes. The scent was nostalgic and soothing, reminding me of lazy days spent on the beach, the vibrant sunsets, and the energy of the city I left behind. It was as if I could close my eyes and be back in L.A. for just a moment. Eager to complete my collection, I purchased the New York City Homesick Candle, which offers an entirely different yet equally captivating sensory experience. With notes of apple, bergamot, and concrete, it encapsulates the essence of the Big Apple - the city that never sleeps, where dreams are made, and the hustle is real. The quality of Homesick Candles is commendable, with each candle hand-poured using a natural soy wax blend and cotton wicks. The packaging is simple yet elegant, making them great gifts for friends and loved ones who may be feeling a little homesick themselves. Now, with both the Los Angeles and New York City candles displayed side by side on my shelf, I feel a deep sense of connection to the two places that have shaped me. Homesick Candles have created not just beautifully scented candles, but also sentimental tokens that evoke cherished memories and emotions. In conclusion, if you're looking to reminisce about your favorite city or gift a loved one a little piece of home, Homesick Candles are a perfect choice. The delightful scents, high-quality craftsmanship, and emotional connection they provide make them an exceptional addition to any home or office.