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Estrid makes quality shave products for women that are vegan and cruelty-free.


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6 days ago

The Estrid subscription is a game-changer! Their razors are so good and leave my legs literally silky smooth. They're affordable and the colours are so pretty

4 months ago

Estrid popped up on my Facebook feed a few times before I visited their website. I’m a long term epilator fan but was looking for a razor 🪒 for those times when you just need a smooth fuzz-free leg! I liked the ethos behind the Estrid brand & was impressed with their reviews. When my razor arrived I was delighted with the packaging & just how neat the razor holder is. The razor handle & head are both great quality & do exactly what they’re meant to! If you’re in the market for a new razor I’d highly recommend you give Estrid a try.

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3 months ago

Have used Estrid for around 3 years now. I really love the product. Delivery is always quick and the auto-renew subscription service is very easy to use.. I’ve skipped orders, brought orders forward and added other products to my next shipment very easily! It’s also very good value for money! Would definitely recommend.

3 months ago

The blades are super sharp and don't seem to dull to quickly. The moisture strips seem to last well. The handle is quite weighty, but I got used to it quickly. And the pink colour is super cute. However, postage of my first set took a lot longer than was advertised, that said, my subscription blades did post much quicker. The wall holder drops off if the room is too humid. the blades stick to the travel pouch if not left to completely dry out, this is not ideal if shaving before packing up.

4 months ago

Beautiful products, that not only feel sturdy, but do an amazing job. I really like the flexibility of the subscription service, how easy it is to alter the days of the next order. The brand and design itself is jam-packed full of personality that is so lovely to receive, even when it's just a few razor blades in a delivery! My one issue so far with this product is that I had to ask for a new handle as the clipping mechanism to hold the blade in wasn't working very well. Love the accessorisies that they have to offer, it feels like a complete journey - they have thought of it all. Highly recommend, it was just a shame about the handle!

a year ago

Love the feeling of this razor compared to others on the market. Love the brand's mission & full unboxing experience. Looks super cute in my shower too


Razor is quite heavy so doesn't stay with the suction - I feel like it could do some damage if I dropped it! At least it's sturdy though?

2 years ago

Received these for free in a mailer. I really enjoyed using it, although the razor is too weighty for the suction holder and falls down! It's a high quality product with a great concept, but probably not the best for travel because of its clunky size and weight.

2 years ago

The razor is of good quality, and the subscription is the perfect way not to have to remember about subsequent purchases.

2 years ago

Love the design, branding, marketing + overall feel of Estrid as a brand. Great quality too!