Bocce's Bakery

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Bocce's Bakery makes a range of pet treats and supplements using all-natural ingredients.

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Bocce's Bakery  Reviews

Bocce's Bakery reviews

Best of Thingtesting4.6

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20 reviews

2 months ago

if you have a normal, not spoiled golden doodle who refuses to eat anything but chicken breasts and $40 12 can packages of Weruva, you might have better luck with your pup eating this. Unfortunately, I did not. Far too dog-like for this hooman-like pup.

3 months ago

Love this companies branding my dog just doesn’t like the treats. Too crunchy and he’s never been interested in them. All the ones we tried were dessert flavor maybe that’s why? I think dogs like meat

4 months ago

My dogs really liked these treats. I like the size of the treats and their ingredients.

5 months ago

I only buy Bocce treats for my dog. He has a sensitive stomach but Bocce’s few and more natural ingredients don’t give him any issues. We’ve been feeding him these for at least 3 years and have been pleased!

4 months ago

I don’t know if it’s the packaging but I absolutely love Bocce’s Bakery! I can trust the ingredients, and my dogs have loved every flavor they’ve tried so far.

4 months ago

Amazing quality treats that my pup loves!!

2 years ago

So fun! I really enjoy picking up a treat for my dog when I'm at Target and really enjoy their holiday treats!


My dog can be super picky so it's really a hit or miss with them for her.

9 months ago

My dogs absolutely love these treats. I have purchased treats from bocce’s so many times and I will continue to repurchase them. The treats have minimal ingredients and they come in the cutest packages.

8 months ago

Love these treats and the brand's focus on using natural ingredients! This is a favorite among the family dogs, and I love the range of flavors. Have bought the Bac N Nutty and Bedtime Tea flavors and they were great. The packaging is also really pretty - great to give as a cute little gift!

a year ago

We love these treats! My pups get them daily as their “bedtime” treat! The eat the Bs right up! There is always a product you can find even for the most sensitive of stomach and allergies.

9 months ago

My cat is very picky but will inhale these. If you have a cat that is weird around some food/treats, give these a go!

a year ago

My dog loves these treats! Great ingredients, always looking to give my dog treats and food made from real food! Also there is no harsh smell!

a year ago

Bocce's Bakery is a fan favorite in our house! I love knowing that I can trust the ingredients in my dog's snacks, and he is always so enthusiastic to when the bag comes out of the cupboard. There are so many different flavors, and I always love seeing the seasonal options that come out through the year.

7 months ago

Fun way to treat your pets! They go crazy for all the flavors, even the mint flavor (easy way to get your pets to have fresh breath)!

7 months ago

My dog likes these fine enough, but she also eats more or less anything. They're kind of expensive for dog treats. We usually buy them at Costco.

a year ago

As a vegan, I really appreciate that a lot of Bocce’s Bakery items are accidentally vegan. My two dogs enjoy every flavor of treats they’ve tried. I only wish there were even more vegan options especially for training treats.

a year ago

Wonderful ingredients and the pets all think they taste amazing! They love every flavor, the dogs and the cats.

7 months ago

I've been using the Bocce Brushy treats. So good for my senior dogs teeth. He loves them and does not choke on them. Bocce uses all healthy ingredients.

a year ago

Influencer for Bocce's Bakery

Calvin loves Bocces Bakery Treats. They have so many different kinds of treats and toppers. He especially loves the new one-ingredient freeze fried treats !