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BAWI makes a variety of sparkling agua fresca drinks using a blend of carbonated water and traditional Mexican flavors.


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6 months ago

SO. GOOD. Bawi is a tropical getaway in a can. I tried the Maracuya (passionfruit) flavor and it was so delicious and tart and had me coming back for more.


Hope to see variety packs in stores soon! Also, a spicy fruity flavor would be so good (mango/tajin?)

6 months ago

Love it! Super flavorful and not artificial tasting. Passion fruit flavor is my favorite!

5 months ago

I am a lime girly through and through so when I saw the 'El Limón' flavor in Foxtrot, I had to give it a go. It was very refreshing and perfect for an afternoon drinky drink. Definitely tasted more "real" than other lime drinks I've had. Would definitely purchase again!

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6 months ago

We are obsessed with BAWI. We ordered a mixed case online and were so impressed by the flavors and told all our friends about it. Hopefully, they will be available locally at some point! *fingers crossed*

2 months ago

The passion fruit is my absolute favorite flavor. I had to order two cases so I can always have it. I love it alone or paired with vanilla vodka or tequila for a little kick.

4 months ago

No Joke…The best seltzer I have ever had. Perfect carbonation ratios and amazing flavors. Found it at my local Sprouts Grocery and ordered more right away!

6 months ago

I tried the Maracuya drink and was shocked it was SO delicious! It was perfectly carbonated and had delicious passion fruit flavor but not too sweet from no added sugar! So good.

10 months ago

I legitimately crave this stuff, especially the passion fruit flavor! Though all the flavors are really yummy. It’s like if you made a spindrift flavorful and kept it lower sugar


Give me a pitcher of this stuff

7 months ago

I only have positive things to say about Bawi. Their passion fruit flavor is delish and exactly what I needed under the Texas sun. It’s refreshing and the taste of passion fruit is good without being overdone or unnatural tasting. Add the fact that it’s low on calories and we’re approaching addiction territory


I wish they where easier/cheaper to import into EU. However, when the only negative about your product is overseas shipping you got a banger on your hands.