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Alohas operates a sustainable fashion delivery service.


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a month ago

I was shocked by the Alohas quality! I own two pairs of heels that I ordered with their preorder model. It was tough waiting for the product, but was nice knowing I was saving some money. Their customer service was very helpful when I needed to return for a different size.

2 months ago

I have the ankle boots and they look good but in the beginning they were kinda uncomfortable.

a month ago

The quality of the sandals is terrible. They are very wide, but ok that is different per person. But there was I very light rainshower and my sandals are completely ruined. The hay is not intact anymore. So overall, way to expensive and only wore them twice.

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7 months ago

I love the business model that promotes slow fashion and minimizes over production. However, I’m a size 11 and their 42 barely fit. Also, I ordered one of the strappy sandals and despite the fact that the size was a little small, even trying on the sandals were incredibly painful. There was no give so the strap just dug into my feet —- and I was just trying them on. My friend has a different pair that I tried on, so I won’t give the brand a one star, but I would recommend staying away from the strappy shoes.


Go up a size!

a year ago

Beautiful shoes!


The soles of the boots kind of shredded? idk it was weird, not bothersome but strange

a year ago

i had seen alohas on instagram for a while and always thought their product was really cute. i finally pulled the plug and bought a pair. aside from being cute they were also super comfortable. i love that they work off preorders to prevent overproduction of a product. we love sustainability!

6 months ago

I ordered a pair of the Watercolor boots in black and I like them a lot. The price was super reasonable ($90ish) and I like the idea of sustainable, on-demand production. The boots are cute and look great in person but I will say they've scuffed pretty easily (after the first couple wears). I think the "vegan" leather material looks slightly cheap up close, especially with the scuffs, but these are a great everyday boot for going out to dinner or whatever and I'd definitely buy another pair from them.

8 months ago

I have 3 pairs of Alohas shoes now, both heels, sandals and boots. I love them all! They are so comfy, sustainably made, and stylish! I definitely will be buying more in the future!

8 months ago

First, it must be said that I have wide, flat feet and thicker ankles. (zetus lapidus, please send help!) As such, I am very picky about shoes and in particular boots and heels. My go to going out heels are black platform heeled boots I got from this site. I've stomped my way through raves, bars house parties, and work events in these shoes. My only critique is that for me they don't zip all the way up my calves but close well enough that it doesn't look crazy when I'm wearing a dress or skirt, opposed to pants. For the standard wearer this should be no issue. I purchased a pair of platform bright orange heeled mules as well. They are so fun and comfortable. The platform is forgiving for all the girls with flat feet because they add height without the cost of stress on my non-existant arch. I have not had a chance to wear them out yet but will be taking them for a spin this summer at a friend's wedding. I've only had one casualty so far with Alohas. A beautiful flat sandal/slides from the website -- it was a no! They were too narrow and unflattering. No fault of the brand, they just didn't work for me. It was vegan leather so there was no give, as expected. The mail return was a seamless process and I may have even been a day or two outside of their return window and they still accepted it. In the future, I would allocate more time for these to arrive. I remember shipping took a little longer than I anticipated, no biggie!


I would love if you carried wide-fit sizing ! No brainer -- you would be cleaning out my bank account every pay period.