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Frida makes a collection of parenting tools and accessories.


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21 days ago

Love these products for newborn kit is great as well as the booger contraption and I also use the Peri bottle post Labor.

2 months ago

I have several products from them and they are all quality and great for baby. I have the fold up bathtub insert for a sink that was great to save space while my baby was young. The windis and weird to use but I got a lot of gas out with them.

3 months ago

I love Frida Baby. From their newborn products to their toddler toilet, this brand reminds me a lot of OXO in that they are so thoughtful in their designs. I love the toddler toilet because it can be used as a step stool later- just one less thing to buy in the monsoon of kid and baby products. I find myself buying the Frida version always after trying other cheaper versions that don't work as well.

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3 months ago

There is not a frida baby product that I have not liked. They have all the tools you could need as a parent and they work oh so well!

3 months ago


Frida Baby has so many postpartum and baby essentials to keep you taken care of from birth and beyond!

6 months ago

Frida baby has really thought of everything. The products are incredible. I will say, they’re more expensive and they should be. They should definitely be a bit more affordable in my opinion.

6 months ago

You truly cannot go wrong with any Frida Baby products! We've used, the snot sucker, the cradle cap system, the gas relief product (commonly known in our house as butt straws🤣) and everything consistently works. You can find their most commonly found products at most major stores but everything else is easily accessible on amazon. The kit they have for post partum moms is a MUST!

a month ago

Frida is very versatile. I was able to get the machine nose suckers and baby hair scrubber and they are great products. the nose sucker tips are made of silicone so it did not hurt my babies - I have twins noses. The hair scrubber for bath time it is made of silicone too and it was soft and great for when my babies head were soft. I def recommend this brand.

a year ago

The nose frida (manual and electric) are a life saver for getting boogies. I lost the red mouth piece on the manual one and Frida baby sent me a full replacement. Great customer service.


Saline drops are a must to make it less intense for your baby.

a year ago

Frida Mom is my latest brand crush. Truly innovative products that make life easier PLUS great branding - in this case in a relatable & funny tone of voice. And it's from Sweden 🇸🇪 I bought the Frida Mom postpartum box for myself and would recommend it for all my girlfriends that are expecting (excellent baby shower gift btw!). The disposable underwear and the peri bottle were life savers. And the Nose Frida has been useful since day one.