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Unreal Snacks makes low-sugar, nutrient-rich chocolate candies and snack bars.



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6 days ago

I really like this brand, I have a huge sweet tooth so I'm always looking for healthier versions of my favorite snacks and candy. I especially love their nougat bars! However, I don't like their peanut butter cups - the texture and taste is all wrong. Everything else is delicious though!

a month ago

Obsessed with these. Love that they are individually wrapped (except the chocolate covered peanuts.) The peanut butter in the peanut butter cups is so creamy. I love that they have options without any food dyes.

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2 months ago

I really like that use better ingredients but would really only purchase them if they were on sale. I don’t think the price point is worth it.

a month ago

Price point it a huge deterrent for me, but the snacks are good. Not worth the price, but still yummy.

3 months ago

This is absolutely unreal! I'm a huge fan of their chocolate, and I must say it's quite addictive. It's like a superior version of Reese's. You can find it at Whole Foods, and probably at other places too! Personally, I'm a big fan of their peanut butter cups. They're a delicious treat!

3 months ago

I love the idea behind these, and I will always appreciate less sugar items that still taste amazing. My only issue is the in some of the peanut butter cups, the peanut butter itself is more dry and less creamy. For me it's still worth it, but I know that not all would agree!

5 months ago

UNREAL! I've tried the Unreal dark chocolate coconut snacks - they have a large bag at Costco. Anytime I see them, I grab a bag and it lasts maybe a week in my house. It's the perfect amount of sweetness, not overly sweet at all, and I love the coconut. If you're a big fan of coconut, this is a perfect addition to your fridge.


I wish the brand was more readily available - I've only seen the brand at Whole Foods and Costco only sells the one product.

a month ago

The milk chocolate gems taste really good, and I love that the ingredients are cleaner than traditional candy (no artificial dyes). This is definitely an expensive option, so it's not something I would buy all the time just to have lying around. If I was baking a dessert for someone's birthday, creating a gift bag for an event etc., then I would get these for a specific occasion.