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Hismile makes an at-home teeth whitening treatment without peroxide.

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Hismile Reviews

Hismile reviews


Reviews on Hismile’s website have a higher average rating compared to reviews on Thingtesting.

Reviews mention

  • Wide range of unique flavors
  • Effective teeth whitening products
  • Innovative packaging minimizes waste
  • Promotes enjoyable oral hygiene
  • Slow shipping and response times
  • High price compared to quantity
  • Long-term effectiveness is mixed
  • Customer service could improve

Hismile, a popular brand known for its uniquely flavored toothpaste and effective teeth whitening products, is praised for its diverse flavors and quick whitening results. However, it has been criticized for slow shipping, high pricing, and some products' long-term effectiveness.

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1,803 reviews

17 days ago

Purchase by myself

Just tried HiSmile, and my teeth have never felt better! Their whitening kit is super easy to use and delivers noticeable results without any sensitivity. Love the fact that it's also cruelty-free and uses gentle, effective ingredients. My smile is brighter and I feel more confident already. Definitely recommend giving HiSmile a shot if you're looking for a quick and affordable way to enhance your smile at home!

7 hours ago

The Hismile Teeth whitening product is amazing, works brilliant i didn’t realise how yellow my teeth looked until i compared on pictures before and after using them!

a day ago

HiSmile has made brushing your teeth fun again. My son and I love trying New flavors and sharing them with our friends.

4 days ago

I love the good flavors they have! I super love to have an alternative to just mint tooth paste, Hismile also has amazing customer service and very quick shipping!

4 days ago

I love this toothpaste. The flavors are great. It is a great way to get anyone excited about brushing their teeth! They offer a great alternative to mint or cinnamon flavor toothpastes, which has really been our options forever. I am looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors and anything new they come up with. Also the purple serum works great on whiting your teeth. I have seen a real difference.

5 days ago

I have multiple flavours and everyone gets us excited to try they are absolutely delicious my kids are brushing 3/4 times a day because they just love the flavour the vanilla and red velvet taste like your eating cakes 🍰

5 days ago

I've tried many flavors and have recently bought even more. They have got me to brush my teeth 2x a day. I have autism and the taste of mint is way too strong for me, so all their yummy flavors help me brush! Thank you hismile!

5 days ago


It all started with the Wonka toothpaste. At Easter, I bought my kids the Wonka chocolate toothpaste by Hismile and they loved it so I bought my daughter an electric toothbrush and different flavour toothpastes for her birthday. My son now has a Hismile electric toothbrush and we have over 20 different flavour toothpastes. They get so excited when new flavours come out. I can’t believe we all get so excited over toothpaste. One day I brushed my teeth 6 times so I could try them. We love mix and matching flavours too. I say bring it on, keep them new flavours coming 😃😃

6 days ago

Received a free product from Hismile

I love these products. Will buy more. My only "complaint": Need more flavors!

7 days ago

My son saw commercials about Hismile toothpastes and asked me to order for him, my both boys love these toothpaste, and they love to try all of the colors, they taste yummy which is good because now they like to brush 2-3 times every day 👏

8 days ago

I love the flavored toothpaste. It makes me excited to brush my teeth and not have the same boring flavor all the time

8 days ago

My son absolutely loves this toothpaste & the many flavors. He’s always ready to try a new flavor.

8 days ago

Initially, I purchased the coconut whip flavor from an in-person retailer. I was hesitant but decided to give it a try. After trying it, I fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to try the other flavors! So when I saw the buy five, get five free deal I jumped on it! I can’t wait to the sour powder is re-released!

8 days ago


OMG!! I have several of these toothpastes, in multiple flavors!! I love fruity flavored toothpaste! They all have a delicious flavor with a hint of mint, to refresh your mouth. The packaging is adorable and much easier to dispense. They sell samples for a dollar and they are really amazing! They had one with a mustard flavor!!! I hate mustard!!! If I had used that by mistake, Lord I would’ve had a heart attack! 😂😂😂 but all the other flavors, I can’t wait to try!! Must say…best flavored toothpaste I’ve ever had!! Also, they last a long time! You only need to use a pea sized amount to do the trick!! Highly recommend!! Happy Brushing!

8 days ago

Buy 5 get five free

I ordered the single samples for Easter for my girls and they were a hit! We just received our first full sized order yesterday…and the girls had to open and immediately try 4 flavors! I had to stop them or all 10 would have been open. Shipping was pretty quick from Australia to the Midwest/Ohio/USA. Packaging is sleek , clean and so cute! They tried coconut whip, peach tea, pineapple, and grape bubble gum…and then combined the coconut and pineapple for a pina colada vibe( we didn’t order that flavor). Coconut was super mild , but the flavor lingers after you rinse. Try this product! It’s such a cool and fun concept, and teeth nice and teeth clean too! I bought blue raspberry for my 4 year old grandson to try! He’s obsessed with blue and picky about his toothpaste…fingers crossed it’s a hit with him too!

8 days ago

This is our second year purchasing hismile. We got it after it went viral on Tiktok a while back and fell in love with all the FUN flavors (red velvet was my favorite). I LOVE the airless pump making it not so messy and it helps use less toothpaste so you waste less product. So even though yeah, maybe it's more costly per tube of toothpaste, it's more cost effective because of less product wasted! I absolutely recommend hi-smile for adults and kids alike!

8 days ago

I hate brushing my teeth because I can't stand mint or bubblegum flavor. Mint burns my mouth and bubblegum is gross. Even the sensitive teeth brands sting my mouth and tongue. But this toothpaste makes me actually want to brush my teeth and is sting-free. I've been using it for several months and continue to have excellent report cards at the dentist too. My only complaint is that it does take a couple weeks from ordering to arrive to me here in the states.

9 days ago

Love this product!!!

9 days ago

I’ve tried multiple flavors and I’m SO impressed! The flavors are amazing and leave your teeth clean with no gritty residue. No weird aftertaste either! I’ve tried:Pistachio Papi, Strawberry, Lemon Twist, Grape Bubble Gum, and Pink Donut. On my way over to grab a couple new flavors. Now, I must have them ALL.

9 days ago

there are so many flavors to choose from, you’re bound to find at least one flavor you’d like. i’d for sure recommend try the sample size of a flavor you’re unsure about rather than buying the entire tube in case you don’t end up liking it from personal preference. i’ve recommended it to practically anyone that would listen :)