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Hismile makes an at-home teeth whitening treatment without peroxide.

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I’ve been trying to find a teeth whitener that doesn’t require you to smile big for 2+ minutes while the product does its job - it feels like a super long time every time. The HiSmile Color Correcting Foam is unique (it’s purple and it being a foam) and I actually look forward to whitening because you only need to swish it around for 15 seconds and you’re done. I’ve also just started using their pap+ toothpaste and really like the precise tip on it.


Currently everything ships from Australia which took a while to get to me in the US. It would be great if they expanded!

Innovative product
2 months ago

Used a long time ago - didn't see much difference before / after using their teeth whitening products. The UV light device seems a bit gimmicky + unnecessary product / packaging.

6 months ago

I used them a while ago, their previous product and didn't notice much difference, more a novelty/marketing product in my opinion


They have since done a rebrand and launched all new products so they could be a lot better now, will maybe try again

Has no effect 🤷Amazing website
a year ago