Trust & Transparency

Thingtesting started as an Instagram account sharing transparent product reviews, but it was never a task for just one person. There are thousands of brands out there and even more curious consumers eager to share their honest experiences with these new products.

Our next chapter is focused on building the go-to resource for making more informed purchasing decisions with you. In July 2021, we invited our community to start writing their own reviews. We will continue developing this product over the coming years to fulfill our mission to build an un-sponsored, trustworthy corner of the internet where people can discover and learn about new online brands.

Our Transparency Pledge


All reviews written by our community are published. Reviews on Thingtesting are not cherry-picked and curated. Not by brands, and not by us.

Real people

Instead of verifying purchases, we verify individual reviewers. Our thesis is that people trust other people.


We request that reviewers share any affiliation (i.e. investor, friend, employee, etc.) with a brand they've reviewed to offer a more complete view of any biases they may hold.

Instantly published

Reviews on Thingtesting are published instantly, without delay.

Community standards

All reviewers, including Supertesters, are expected to follow our community guidelines.

Our Reviewers

To ensure that all reviews on Thingtesting are written by real people, we verify every reviewer. We require that reviewers sign up with their email address, complete their profiles with their name and a photo, and verify their phone number before publishing a review. Our verification process validates that every review on Thingtesting comes from a confirmed community member.

Start writing reviews

Join our community of verified reviewers to share your honest experiences with brands on Thingtesting.

For Brands

Our mission is to build a trustworthy and honest third-party destination for modern consumers and brands alike. Consumers deserve transparent access to information before making a purchase decision. Brands deserve a vetted space where they can learn from consumers.

We encourage all brands on Thingtesting to get involved by claiming their brand page here. It’s free and gives you the ability to update key facts on your page as well as communications on how to best to engage further with users as we keep building out Thingtesting.


Meanwhile, please report any suspicious behavior here or email us with any feedback at [email protected].