• JBL

    María A 8 Reviews

    11 days ago

    My JBL Charge 5 is surprisingly compact, but the sound quality it produces is truly impressive.

    Charge 5

  • CeraVe

    María A 8 Reviews

    24 days ago

    I have a very sensitive skin and since I added Cerave hydrating cleanser to my daily skin care my face is much cleaner and without irritations.

    CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin

  • Hollister Co.

    María A 8 Reviews

    2 months ago

    Hollister sells nice clothes but they’re very expensive.

  • Converse

    María A 8 Reviews

    3 months ago

    I love how they look and I think they are the perfect shoes for any outfit. However, I don't recommend them for long walks because they end up hurting the feet.

  • Tony's Chocolonely

    María A 8 Reviews

    4 months ago

    I love this chocolate! My first time tasting this chocolate was in the Netherlands and now, each time I see one of these I buy one because they are so delicious.

  • Oysho

    María A 8 Reviews

    7 months ago

    I’ve been buying nightwear here since I was a kid and now I’m also buying sports clothes. Everything here is super comfortable.

  • Joggy

    María A 8 Reviews

    7 months ago

    Received a free product from Joggy

    I tried the super chargies gummies and I started getting sleepy. So in my experience, it's great to sleep but not so great to have more energy.


    I would improve the taste of the gummies.

  • doublesoul

    María A 8 Reviews

    7 months ago

    Received a free product from doublesoul

    Great colors and the perfect choice for training.