Coca Cola

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Coca Cola makes a variety of refreshing drinks perfect for any occasion.

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Coca Cola Reviews

Coca Cola reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Classic universally recognized brand
  • Variety of enjoyable products
  • Consistent flavor and options
  • Iconic red and white branding
  • High sugar and caffeine content
  • Use of questionable ingredients
  • Potentially bad for health
  • Artificial ingredients in variants

Coca-Cola is a classic, universally recognized brand with a variety of enjoyable and refreshing products. It is praised for its consistent flavor and range of options which includes Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and other flavored variants. It has been a fan favorite for over a century due to its refreshing, bubbly, and sweet nature complemented by iconic branding. However, it has been criticized for its high sugar and caffeine content and usage of questionable artificial ingredients, which are not good for health.

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221 reviews

17 days ago

Coca Cola is a good soda but very strong stuff that gives you a belly ache. Not my first choice or even second for soda

7 days ago

As an avid coke zero consumer I always prefer a coke over any other drink. I just wish there more flavours of coke zero available in Canada!

8 days ago

I love the refeshing taste of a cold Coke! Always keeping their products fresh & tasting delicious

6 months ago

I am not a fan of this brand because nearly all of their products have artificial ingredients in them. The prices of the drinks themselves remain high despite the poor ingredients in them. The only good thing from them is their Vanilla Coke flavor.

3 months ago

I mean Coke Zero is amazing in its own right and lane but with all of the healthier alternatives to soda coming out. I’m done with coca-cola and other soda brands

4 months ago

Yummy! can't wait to try the coke spiced

3 months ago

Diet coke, cherry coke, any coke. There's spice coke coming out? Sure, count me in.

2 months ago

I am writing this review SOLELY because Cherry Coke is absolutely divine. I’m not a fan of regular and especially not diet, but add that sweet cherry nectar in there and I’m invested.

2 months ago

Absolute classic and this is the best soda hands down!

2 months ago

I drink Coke Zero everyday. I won’t drink another soda !

3 months ago

Classic beverage super busy just has that beautiful under like licorice and sugar taste

3 months ago

Big fan of all coke products. Regular coke, diet coke, coke zero, cherry coke and vanilla coke 5/5

3 months ago

I must express my disappointment with Coca-Cola. The ingredients list is concerning, filled with additives and excessive sugar content. While Coca-Cola may hold nostalgic value for some, its nutritional profile leaves much to be desired. As consumers, it's essential to prioritize healthier choices for the sake of our well-being.

3 months ago

I'm unsure why a brand as iconic as Coca-Cola needs reviews. Hasn't everyone tried it - does anyone need to be convinced one way or the other? At any rate, Coca-Cola Classic is somewhat difficult for me to drink these days since it's so sweet, but when I'm flying or traveling for work, I absolutely indulge in Coca-Cola No Sugar. It has a refreshing taste, a pleasant burn accompanied with the fizz, and it's just plain satisfying. With that in mind, it's best as a treat. The ingredients don't lend itself to everyday enjoyment, and drinking too much Coca-Cola products is decidedly unhealthy. Enjoy Coca-Cola... in moderation.

4 months ago

Big soda girl. A coke or Diet Coke is just a classic!