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Hollister Co. makes casual apparel, accessories, and fragrances.


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3 months ago

I wanted to like Hollister for this new revamp, but it doesn't feel as strong as Abercrombie's launch. Hollister seems like it's for a younger demographic & the options are pretty basic.

4 months ago

As fast fashion goes, Hollister is pretty reliable for me when it comes to finding cute dresses and skirts. I love that as a whole, brands like Hollister and Abercrombie have done away with the logomania they were both known for in the 2010s. That said, where Abercrombie soars above and beyond in the rebranding of their style and quality, Hollister falls a little flat. Hollister seems like the cute younger sister of its more polished and mature counterpart; not that it’s a bad thing per se, since I like both stores’ clothes. There’s just a big disparity in my opinion between the style and quality of each retailer’s clothes.

5 months ago

Though I can now count on them for having really cute and trendy staple pieces, I really can't speak highly of the quality. I bought a couple dresses from them recently and although again very cute & they looked just the way I liked, there were a few threads that lingered off the pieces that I just don't expect from a $50-$70 dress.

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5 months ago

Their pieces are nice quality and reasonably price if you are able to buy on sale

5 months ago

I can't say that I've recently shopped at Hollister so I can't say if they have revamped their branding or upgraded their quality but from what I can remember, their designs are basic at best and plastered with their branding/logo and things tend to be cheaply sewn and thin. After a few washes, you're sure to have small holes or threads peaking out from your clothing. There are better brands to buy your basics from.