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Reinventing fitness with at-home classes? Peloton sells at-home fitness machines and livestreams fitness classes to a connected screen.

New York, New York
John Foley
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4 days ago

I don’t know what it is about the combination of the bike + app + the community they’ve created around it - it’s the only workout I’ve been able to stick with consistently and genuinely look forward to. And I say this as someone who was very resistant and highly skeptical to the whole thing.

Innovative productLovely customer supportEasy subscription management 🔁Worth the money 💸
6 days ago

the range of classes are great, the app means i can access the workouts anywhere! its great that you also don't need bike shoes with their adaptor



Easy subscription management 🔁Super fun activity
25 days ago

I admit it - I've drunk the Peloton kool aid. At first I was skeptical, so the 3 month free trial was a perfect option. And honestly it's become an obsession! Caveat - I'm not using the Peloton bike, only the app with my own bike at home (but as I'm using it so much I am planning to invest in the future). I've been riding in front of the TV and it's been a great addition to my workout while in lockdown. The outdoor walking tracks are really good fun too.


I wish that you could create stacks on your phone/the mobile app. I also wish that stacks played automatically, rather than taking you out at the end of each set and showing stats. I would also like to be able to click to people's profiles at the end of rides - especially people who have interacted/high fived etc.

Worth the money 💸Super fun activityEasy subscription management 🔁Works really wellCool look & feelLuxury
a month ago

Peloton is more than just a bike. It's a community. Being isolated as a result of covid, I've often had moments when I wish I had a cheerleader. That's when I listen to Hannah Frankson pump me up while I go at it on the bike.


Improve on supply chain & delivery issues

Super fun activityWorth the money 💸Super slow shipping 🐌
a month ago

Ok, this is going to be a long one so bear with me. If my house was on fire, the item I would bring to take with me is my Peloton bike. Ignore the logistics of what that would entail because I would figure it out since that is how much the Peloton bike has changed my life. My health journey has been an ongoing rollercoaster for years. I truly thought working out was something I would never enjoy. During college, I was introduced to soul cycle and I finally found a workout that I looked forward to but it is really expensive so as a college student it was hard to justify the price. Fast forward to the pandemic where we are stuck inside our homes and I probably was the least active I've been in ages. I was so overwhelmed in how I would be able to incorporate more movement into my day in a way that I would actually enjoy and therefore be able to sustain. I have been eyeing the brand for years and I even joined a Peloton Facebook group to see if it is worth the investment. Eventually, I bite the bullet and I wish I bought it sooner!!! I have never in my LIFE consistently worked out as much as I do with Peloton. What I love the most...... (+) The instructors are truly the brand. You cannot tell me Cody Rigsby and Alex Toussaint are not my best friends. I hang out with them (aka workout) every week. I see them more than I see my actual friends (sad but true). Sometimes even if I don't necessarily feel like working out because I am feeling lazy, I just tell myself it will be fun to catch up with Cody or Alex since they are so funny and I enjoy how they personalize their classes. They are sneaky challenging in the BEST WAY. I have never had so much fun while dripping in sweat before. They truly scout the best people for instructors, they deserve all the success. (+) Wide range of classes to meet everyone where they are in their fitness journey. If you are looking for a challenge and are a CrossFit type of person, there are classes for you. Or if you haven't worked out in ages (like myself) and do not want anything intimidating, they even have walking classes. Yes, that is right, classes where all you do is WALK. Truly there is no excuse to not get movement in your day with Peloton. I also love their mediations. I know this was long, so if you made it to this point, I applaud you. I truly love their brand and it is the only expense that when I see on my bank statement, I truly do not even care because it is so worth it. The joy I feel in finally feeling confident and having hope in my fitness journey is priceless. Thank you Peloton for all the joy, laughs, and soreness you have brought into my life!

Worth the money 💸Lovely customer supportHigh qualityInnovative productSuper fun activityLove the brand's mission 💕
a month ago

Gotta love the Peloton! There's a good reason pretty much everyone knows about this brand. The classes are super fun, inclusive, great playlists, looks cool, and it's a great workout option!

Super fun activityCool look & feel
a month ago

I love the concept of Peloton!! However, I do get pretty bored compared to when I am in a real, live studio. Maybe cause it's NYC and the space is cramped...I could see this being awesome if I lived in a large house in the suburbs? Also, it's really hard for me to find a class where the music is hype / fast-paced 100% of the time. There are so many classes with slow songs sprinkled in throughout the class. I have to spend more time exploring instructors as a result


Create a club filter! I legit think some people compare Peloton to going to the club and I would love to find classes where it feels like that

2 months ago

Love the peloton app- have been a user for 3 years, and a consistent user for the past one year. The variety that they have is unmatched. They have also really ramped up the difficulty levels of the classes and made them much more comparable to an in person class. Overall great innovation- I would highly recommend the meditations, which have been a game changer for me! I do not own a bike- have used their bike many times, but you can also buy a cheaper spin bike and use the app for that as well. The App is great on its own- I even have a close friend who's Dad lost over 50lbs in a few months through peloton App classes! Its a real game changer!


Felt like a moms only thing for a long time, but I think they've done better recently tailoring to younger and broader demographics!

Worth the money 💸
2 months ago

Gamechanger! Great step up for my at-home fitness routines. I got it during COVID, but it's going to be a staple from here on out. My favorite thing is the short workouts--a quick 20min cycle, for example, can kick your ass. It's easy to fit it in. The instructors make it what it is--they're likable, and engaging, and encouraging.

Lovely customer supportInnovative productWorth the money 💸Super fun activityWorks really well
2 months ago

Yes, they look great. Yes, the classes can be fun (if not a little annoying). And yes, if you want to make your friends jealous, a Peloton may well do just that. But... they're massively overpriced and the monthly subscription for the classes on top of that is a little difficult to swallow.

High qualityWorks really wellCool look & feelLuxury