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23 days ago

Wet Brushes are great. I used them all the time when my hair was longer. I had to comb my hair when wet or else it would be all knots. Wet Brush was the only product I could use that didn't pull my hair out while coming out knots. I definitely recommend it.

Mini Detangler

18 days ago

How did I live without my wet brush? I didn't. Great for curly hair, long hair, short hair, smooth hair, all hair.

22 days ago

I've been using The Wet Brush for years and it does not disappoint! It has been especially helpful with kids and their annoyingly sensitive scalps. I'm not going to say it's a fuss-free brush, but it's definitely not the test of wills other brushes require. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 because I have naturally thick hair and if I only use The Wet Brush, after a few days I notice there's some texture issues happening in the middle layer of my hair (not the underside, not the outer layer... I guess you would call it the middle layer). So, I do have to use a more hardcore brush for a full brush out.

Original Detangler

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22 days ago

I could not survive without my wet brush! It always shocks me when I see people who are able to brush through their hair when it’s wet with ease as that’s never been the case for me. My hair is so tangly when wet no matter what shampoo/ conditioners or treatments I do. I’m also a bit tender headed so brushing my hair was dreadful. This makes it so so much easier. If you have fine hair like mine that you’ve highlighted for years do yourself a favor and brush it with one of these after the shower!

21 days ago

I have curly hair. I've used so many different designs of detangling brushes and combs over the year but they always hurt to use. I found wet brush 5 years ago and never looked back. It's so easy to get tangles out without tugging.

Original Detangler

a month ago

The only hairbrushes I will use! They are affordable, easy to find, and have so many options for different colors, benefits, hair types, etc. They are a little hard to clean the lint fuzzies out of, but I think that's the only complaint and wouldn't deter me from buying.

21 days ago

These brushes are kind of overhyped; they're really not that great for thick hair.

Original Detangler

2 days ago

I love wet brush! My hair always ends up tangled out of the shower and growing up this could be a painful experience. Wet brush makes it easier and more comfortable to get the tangles and knots out. They are a good price and very effective.

Mini DetanglerOriginal Detangler

8 days ago

Wet Brush is the only hairbrush I have purchased since I was introduced to the brand through a coworker back in 2015. I do typically purchase from Winners though for a discounted price. Original Detangler is my go-to.

Original Detangler