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23 days ago

Received a free product from Wet Brush

I really like to use the brush after going into the water at the beach and I like to use it in the shower. When I use it in the shower it leaves my hair feeling really soft and detangled. I received the brush as a gift and I do not think I would have purchased it myself.

Original Detangler

15 days ago

I absolutely love this product - a cheap thrill and a game-changer. No more knots and breakage.

24 days ago

Hear health is of the utmost importance to me, especially having long, fine hair (and a lot of it). I was always hesitant to use a stronger brush on wet hair, given how delicate one's hair is while wet. I feel far more confident to use Wet Brush when my hair is wet, given just how gentle it is. I notice far less damage and hair in the brush. The bristles are much more fine, and the brushes last.

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5 days ago

It’s okay, I don’t notice it really doing much for me especially as someone with curly hair, my hair gets knotted in the shower and this is not the best brush I have used, I like that there is no place for buildup and mold, the design is great but they could make it better!

Original Detangler

8 days ago

Amazing for my fine hair when it's wet. I can't use a normal hair brush after this!

23 days ago

Utilizing these brushes makes it unecessary to spray detangler - that is how well these brushes work! I love my original so much that I ended up buying the mini to keep in my bag for on-the-go. Really saved my hair from knots and damage after getting out of the shower.

Mini DetanglerOriginal Detangler

23 days ago

My tried and true. Been using wet brush for YEARS! It's the only way to go!

Mini DetanglerOriginal Detangler

25 days ago

I have been using these hairbrushes for nearly a decade now and they are the only hairbrushes I have found that can detangle my hair with minimal pull and frizz. I would definitely recommend them, especially for people with curly or wavy hair!

Original Detangler

25 days ago

I love my Wet Brush so much I bought 2- one for me and one for my partner! It goes through thick, curly hair without ever tangling. The flex of the brush never snags or gets caught.

Go Green Curl Detangler