Wet Brush

4.6 84 Reviews

Wet Brush makes a range of hair care and beauty tools.

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Wet Brush Reviews

Wet Brush reviews

Reviews mention

  • Excellent detangling capabilities
  • Gentle on hair and scalp
  • Versatile for wet and dry hair
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Widely available at retailers
  • Less effective on thick, curly hair
  • Bristles may lack durability
  • Can generate static
  • Higher price point

Wet Brush is appreciated for its excellent detangling capabilities, gentle nature, and versatility for both wet and dry hair for different hair types. It's also praised for reducing hair breakage and its availability at major retailers. However, critiques include less effectiveness on thick, curly hair and the durability of the bristles. Some also mentioned the static it can generate and the high cost compared to other brushes.

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84 reviews

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7 days ago

It always feels a bit "as seen on tv" but I do really like my wet brush! I'm always worried that it's bad to brush my hair right after a shower, but it's in the name so if it is bad at least it's endorsed!

Original Detangler

a month ago

The only hairbrushes I will use! My kids love theirs too:) The minis are perfect for kids or travel!

Mini DetanglerOriginal Detangler

15 days ago

The wetbrush is now the only brush we use in our household with two teen girls. We used to use the tangle teaser when they were little. These brushes get knots out easily and painlessly and we use the shine one which we love.

Mini Shine Enhancer

5 months ago

Wet Brushes are great. I used them all the time when my hair was longer. I had to comb my hair when wet or else it would be all knots. Wet Brush was the only product I could use that didn't pull my hair out while coming out knots. I definitely recommend it.

Mini Detangler

2 months ago

Cannot live without my wet brush. I have one in the shower, in the bathroom cabinet, and at the desk where I do my makeup. I used to have the worst tangles in my hair - brushing daily with this thing is the only way I can keep my hair from getting all knotty. I bought mine at Walgreens - I'm actually pretty surprised they do ecommerce now!

Original Detangler

6 months ago

I have long thing, bleached hair & the wet brush is the only brush I can use to work through the tangles without breaking my hair. The wet brush works great with my leave-in conditioner or hair oil products & the actual brush itself is super easy to clean.

3 months ago

I absolutely love this product - a cheap thrill and a game-changer. No more knots and breakage.

3 months ago

Received a free product from Wet Brush

I really like to use the brush after going into the water at the beach and I like to use it in the shower. When I use it in the shower it leaves my hair feeling really soft and detangled. I received the brush as a gift and I do not think I would have purchased it myself.

Original Detangler

5 months ago

I have curly hair. I've used so many different designs of detangling brushes and combs over the year but they always hurt to use. I found wet brush 5 years ago and never looked back. It's so easy to get tangles out without tugging.

Original Detangler

6 months ago

These are the only brushes I use on my curly hair. They detangle very well. They even have a small travel size I use on vacations