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Touchland creates hydrating and effective hand sanitizer products to promote healthy living.


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14 days ago

Cool look and really nice scents but I don't like the ratio of sanitizer vice plastic in the container. I also prefer to have a sanitizer I can easily hang on the outside of my purse or backpack so that I don't have to keep opening my purse to get at the sanitizer.

a month ago

party in a bottle 💓💫✨ amazing innovative sense that leave you smelling almost like a bath and Bodyworks mist. my favorite is the watermelon 🍉. a bit pricy but love!

23 days ago

Hand sanitizers are a necessity for me and my commute. I keep one for every bag I have and keep one on my keychain. It doesn’t have lingering a strong alcoholic smell to it. Love the scents and the little carrying case which makes it convenient for me to keep around but it is a bit expensive in comparison to other hand sanitizers in the market and it is a bit bulky but still my emotional support sanitizer!!! The rose water hand sanitizer is my favvvvv.

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a month ago

Love it! Their hand sanitizers antiseptic very good but still keep your hand hydrate. Highly recommend their watermelon scent.

3 months ago

Got on super sale for 4.99 (score!). The packaging is super cute and looks good in a purse, but does'nt offer much more than that. The santizer worked fine and I know that they offer some other scents. I think that the price point is hard to justify, especially since the company offers no way to refill the cases and reduce waste. Three stars.

3 months ago

I am a sucker for packaging and this brand has such a tight grip on me with their design! I love gifting those because they look GORGEOUS and fit so perfectly in my bags. And everytime I use it and offer friends they’re always like “oooh that’s nice” especially for a sanitizer. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

5 months ago

I have been using the aloe scented Touchland hand sanitizer for a few weeks now and well... it's a hand sanitizer! My hands don't feel dry after, but they don't feel hydrated. The scent is a bit strong for my preference. Dries quickly. It's fun to spray this on other people's hands. I like the experience of spraying a mist of sanitizer on my hands over rubbing a gel in... but I think rubbing a gel in may be the best way to sanitize? Overall, this cleans my hands easily so it's a win!


It's a lot of plastic on one container.

2 months ago

Tried the Watermelon scent and it smells heavenly. The packaging is also cute. But aside from those two factors, I think it's expensive for what it is.

4 months ago

Looks cool, smells great, does not leave a residue behind. Does it work better than competitors at sanitizing? I have no idea but I enjoy using it :)

5 months ago

I love Touchland sanitizers and have purchased several over the past year or so. My only complaint is that they're not refillable and totally could (and should) be. The scents are innovative and delicious and I love the look and feel of the packaging.


This could definiely be a 5 star product *IF* they offered refills.