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Surreal makes high protein, low carb, and zero sugar cereal featuring classic childhood flavors.


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2 days ago

This is just a review of the cinnamon…and let me be clear, I love cinnamon (the spice). But my goodness. I felt like I was eating a protein bar in the consistency of cereal with cinnamon attempting to block the taste. It was so heavy and artificial. I cannot recommend. If I want a protein-centric breakfast, it won’t be this.

8 days ago

Went for the cocoa and I’m not even interested in tasting the others. The taste is so great that I’m craving for these at times. Like many others, I’m deducting a star due to pack size. They can’t really expect us to make them last a whole week. 3-4 days and it’s done

Surreal Cocoa

5 months ago

What a cereal! Love the the Cinnamon flavour. Packaging is also eye catching and quirky. Absolutely unreal.

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2 years ago

Cereal tastes decent for a 'health' cereal. And the top of the box is already perforated, so you don't need to do any ripping and inevitably break the closure. It's the small things.


Size of bag is supposedly "7 servings." Maybe if you're a small child. Price is high. I know, better quality ingredients and all. But then I find oats and PB work just fine.

2 years ago

Loved this cereal and the mission - was pleasantly surprised by the taste and the crunch, given it uses a completely different set of ingredients to normal cereals. I got so excited that I went around the house comparing the protein content of one serving to other meals: it’s the same as two eggs, 3/4 tin of beans, 375g of my favourite Greek yoghurt. Amazing!


The price point is very high and feels justified based on the portion size written on the box, but when you open it and measure out 30g, it does feel small. On the product itself, the texture and crunch is great, both plain and with milk. There is an ever so slight after taste though.

a year ago

Invested in SURREAL

I want to start this by saying that I am not normally a cereal person, mostly because cereal has so much sugar and other crap in it that I'm like no thanks, that's not how I want to start my day. When Surreal came along, I was intrigued. Is it possible to love yourself and have cereal for breakfast?! Can it be?? Anyways, I was into it. I got a discount for working for one of the investors in the brand and bought the variety pack. I went from not having had cereal for breakfast in years to having it every morning! The flavors were pleasantly delish. The branding was great. The customer service was fab. Win, win, win.


I would love if there was a refill system for this cereal. I feel like that would really win me over. Also, the reason I deducted a star is because the portion sizes are pretty small, and the general amount they give you per box is pretty meager. If you were sharing this with a family, you'd go through an entire box in one meal. Put more in, please ;) We're hungry out here!

2 years ago

Finally, a tasty, healthy, low carb cereal - love the flavours, packaging and overall brand. The only thing keeping me from the full 5 stars ⭐️ is the amount of servings - the recommended portion size is a bit small, perhaps good if you're on a diet, but with my normal serving size I only get 4-5 servings per box, so it feels a bit too expensive.


Amount of cereal in the box. Aftertaste is a little strange too but not super offputting.

10 months ago

Love the brand! Taste is great considering low carb and high protein.


Larger box sizes would be good

a year ago

I found the flavors to be really nice, and barely a sacrifice to go low carb.


The boxes are too big for the contents, and made from flimsy cardboard.

2 years ago

I love it! Convenient, easy, delicious brekkie option that gives me energy and keeps me full for ages. Also great for midnight snacks :)


More flavours (maybe something caramel or fruity?) Also toys in the boxes.