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Sunwink makes clean, plant powered tonics and powders meant to promote wellness.

Sunwink Reviews

Sunwink reviews


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a month ago

The drink tonic is like a bubbly lemonade but with enhanced health benefits. I'm not a bubbly drinker, but I like this very much. It has a nice fragrance, not quite like lemonade. The drink it's a bit on the sweeter side. It tastes very refreshing on a hot day.

Digestion Lemonade Tonic

a month ago

It doesn't taste the best but I really felt the calming effects of this! It was great to get me through grad school classes when I was really stressed, it may have been placebo effect but I loved it. Just a bit expensive.

Lemon Rose Uplift

a month ago

I have tried three flavors of this brand's tonics and overall they are alright to good in taste. The strawberry one I didn't really like. The mint one has a nice "cool" flavor that people that actively enjoy minty flavors would probably like more than I do. My favorite was the lemonade one because it has a nice dandelion taste to it that I have yet to find in another drink. Overall I like that these come in glass bottles that can be reclosed to save for later.

Digestion Lemonade TonicHibiscus Mint Unwind TonicImmunity Strawberry Tonic

6 months ago

Tastes so great. So refreshing and delicious. Love the lemon rose uplift. Subtle hint of rose, not overpowering and did I mention delicious?

6 months ago

I bought the sun wink berry healthy skin superfood powder. It doesn’t mix into water well and it makes the water taste pretty bad. I will say my skin does have a glow to it. However I also recently started a new liquid collagen so it’s hard to say what I’m seeing results from. I probably won’t purchase again. It wasn’t a “worth it” product for me.

2 years ago

I wasn’t a big fan. I think Sunwink is trying to go for the alcohol replacement type of beverage and as someone who generally doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, it’s wasn’t for me. I added it to some sparkling water and drank the two flavors I got just fine though. However, I LOVE the Berry Healthy Skin powder. It is perfect in a smoothie.

2 years ago

I tried the Immunity Berry and I thought it was just okay. It's certainly something I wouldn't drink if the health benefits weren't there.

2 years ago

I am not a big fan of sparkling beverages but the taste in this sparkling tonic is good because it is not overpowering. I tried the Immunity Berry as well as the Detox Ginger and they are both really refreshing!