St Agrestis

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St Agrestis makes small-batch, naturally colored gin, vodka, and liqueur.

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2 months ago

I love this brand. The single serve negronis are a game changer, but I've also grown to love the recent non-alcoholic additions to the range, the Phony Negronis. I can't wait to try the new Phony Mezcal Negroni!

7 months ago

I got this in Greenpoint at a shop called Big Night BK. I thought the name was funny: Phony Negroni - but once I tried it I don't think I'd ever want a regular negroni ever again. haha Everything about this drink was a perfect balance, and I thought it went well with my meal that night - a plate of truffle fries and a delicious steak skewer. I'd be extremely curious to try their negroni sbagliato when it comes out. The bottle design is quite cute and unique as well, I wish I kept my bottle for flowers and such!

10 months ago

Honestly, I should just put their phony negroni on subscription because I enjoy it that much. I'm not someone who adheres to drinking no alcohol, but I don't personally tend to drink alone. So on the occasion where I'm having a solo night and want a cocktail this scratches the itch really well. P.S. Love the bottle shape