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Smart Sweets creates low-sugar alternatives to popular candies.

SmartSweets Reviews

SmartSweets reviews


72% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Variety of bold flavors
  • Healthier candy ingredients
  • Guilt-free sweet treats
  • Good alternative to traditional candy
  • High price point
  • Hard and sticky texture
  • Artificial aftertaste
  • Potential stomach discomfort

SmartSweets is a popular brand known for its healthier, low-sugar candy alternatives, offering a wide variety of bold flavors. Customers appreciate the guilt-free nature of the products and see them as a good alternative to traditional candy. The brand is criticized for its high price, hard and sticky texture, and the potential health effects of certain sweeteners used. Some customers also report an artificial aftertaste and stomach discomfort due to high fiber content.

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1,293 reviews

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4 days ago

The sour watermelons and peach rings are some of our faves! The "Swedish fish" not so much.

4 days ago

I love that this brand has no dyes or corn syrup. Which is a top priority when buying products for my family. They have a variety of flavors ,that are similar and like the ones you jave previously purchased. But smart sweets has better ingredients and better products overall.

Sour Watermelon

5 days ago

I get these for my kids and love that there’s an alternative to standard candy for them. Only complaint I have about these is they go rock hard quickly. They are fresh for a week but after that, they turn solid and you either have to suck on them or toss em. So my suggestion would be to only buy if you are planning to consume right away. Besides that, they are a great alternative but for sure harder, not as soft as a standard gummy and not as satisfying.

Sweet FishSwedish

11 days ago

These actually taste good and provide that guilt free sweet pick me up!

Sour Watermelonpeach rings

13 days ago

Love candy! Some of these are very good some are a miss! The idea behind them being a sweet with as little sugar as possible is appealing for those of us who have a serious sweet tooth but not all of them are a win.

Gummy WormsGummy bearsSour Watermelonpeach rings

23 days ago

These have a decent taste but are super gummy. Also the sugar alternative is a little odd.

peach rings

a month ago

Friends with SmartSweets

Better than regular candy imo. Low sugar is a win

peach rings

a day ago

I recently tried SmartSweets' Peach Rings and Gummy Worms, and they were fantastic! After sampling various sugar-free and "healthy" candies, I found these to be the best. They were incredibly flavorful, and I couldn't get enough of them. Highly recommended!

Gummy Wormspeach rings

4 days ago

These things are delicious. I've tried several verities and haven't been disappointed a single time. I love that there is a better for you candy.

Gummy WormsRed twistsGummy bearspeach rings

5 days ago

Received a free product from SmartSweets

SmartSweets is a brand that offers a range of low-sugar candies aimed at providing a healthier alternative to traditional sweets. Their products are made with natural sweeteners like stevia and allulose, significantly reducing the sugar content without compromising on flavor. The variety includes gummy bears, peach rings, and sour gummies, all of which boast a tasty and satisfying texture. SmartSweets are also high in fiber, making them a guilt-free treat for those mindful of their sugar intake. Many customers appreciate the brand for its commitment to cleaner ingredients and the nostalgic candy experience without the excessive sugar. However, some may find the texture slightly different from conventional candies, and the price point is higher than typical sugary snacks. Overall, SmartSweets is a great choice for those looking to indulge in sweet treats while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Smart sweets are the best, try the new flavour "Caramel"

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