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Simply Gum makes vegan gum infused with natural flavors.

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16 days ago

Picked these up at the checkout line, love the packaging. Unique taste and not overly sweet. Flavor didn't last that long but would definitely buy again.

Cleanse, Grapefruit

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14 hours ago

Personally we really love this gum. It's true that the flavor doesn't last long, but the chew makes it worth it ! This is our go to health food store gum. I usually but were they were on sale or with an ibotta cash back offer.

16 days ago

I love the package and the flavors but man this gum is disappointing. Like others have said, the flavor is so brief but also I don’t like the texture. It sticks in my teeth and breaks apart so it doesn’t stay in a “wad” and I get bits all over my mouth.

a day ago

The texture of Simply Gum is certainly something that takes getting adjusted to but I really enjoy it. Knowing my gum is more natural and vegan gives me peace of mind but I also love the flavors. My favorites are ginger, spearmint, and cinnamon. I also love that there are wrappers I can dispose my gum with included in the package.


14 days ago

The flavor options are what I love most, classic mint is my favorite and i love the transparency of ingredients

Cleanse, Grapefruit

18 days ago

There are a few downsides to this gum but It doesn't provoke less stars. The flavors are amazing, low key but actually taste like the flavor advertised instead of an extract of some sort. They are hard to start off with but get really soft after a few chomps in. I will say they loose flavor a bit faster than I'd like kinda leaving the other ingredients to stand out and it gets a little peppery, but by then it's probably done it job and freshened my breath enough to spit it out. Its not a gobstopper. I also REALLY appreciate the little wrappers it comes with to put your gum in, it subconscious reminds me to spit it out instead of chewing it till my jaw hurts!

Cleanse, Grapefruit

2 months ago

Purchased from Whole Foods and Starbucks and it's your standard gum, but I feel a little better given the ingredients are less artificial. The packaging is minimal and sleek and the flavor lasts a decent amount of time—about 20 minutes. I would buy again and look for new flavors.